A devil and some chicks that you’re gonna love!

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I opened up this month’s Family Fun magazine (my favorite magazine ever, btw) and found the cutest foodie-kid-craft ever!

It was deviled eggs- made to look like little devils and baby chicks!

Here’s the result with lots of pics…

And yes, it’s okay. Totally safe for work.  I know. The title of “a devil and some chicks” might be misleading. But really, you’re cool. …Continue Reading…


March 8th-14th Menu Plan

Okay, so let’s try and get back on “the saddle again” and work towards having a full week of not eating out, shall we?

Even if it means eating peanut butter (which we’re out of) and jelly for dinner, I’m going to try my DARNDEST to not eat out.

So, here’s this week’s plan! …Continue Reading…


This week’s menu- March 1st-7th RECAP

Okay, so for our first week of not eating out, we pretty much failed. But, we only ate out once. Which we normally eat out 4-5 times a week. I know, I sighed at that too.

Now, on with the show! …Continue Reading…


Ken’s Foods: Customer Service Debacle

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So let me begin this post by saying: “Everything in this blog is my own opinion, and the details are to the best of my knowledge”.

Now that that is out of the way, please let me start from the beginning. A few months ago, I called Ken’s Food company to give them ‘feedback’ on one of their products, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce. I had tried it, and loved it.

I am the type of person that if I have strong feelings regarding an item or product, I will call the company and let them know my opinion. I feel that companies not only appreciate this, but they deserve to know what the ‘common customer’ might think.

The customer service representative that I spoke to that day was very appreciative of my call. She thanked me for my opinion, and offered to send me coupons for Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce and a few other products they make- Ken’s Salad Dressing and Ken’s Marinade. I did not realize that they made Ken’s salad dressing, not sure why, but I never put two and two together.

I received the coupons in the mail, and went out to buy the Ken’s Salad dressing to try. I did, and LOVED it. It was very high quality and was mighty tasty.

Now here is where things start to change.

Today, I called Ken’s Foods to let them know I had tried their salad dressing. I told the customer service representative- the very same one I had talked to previously- that “I loved their salad dressing in addition to the BBQ sauce, and thank you for sending me those coupons. I would have never tried the product without them.”.

The lady was cordial about it and said that she was “glad I liked it.”

I then told her that “I was now loyal to the Ken’s food brand, and am a very happy customer. I’m also a blogger, and I’m going to write a post about it, and that I’ll send them the link”.

This is when the conversation got ugly, for lack of a better term.

The lady quickly cut me off by saying “WE DO NOT ALLOW PEOPLE TO WRITE ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS.”

Me: “I’m sorry, what?”


Me: “That’s what I thought you said. Which is just a shame, because I think my readers would love Ken’s Foods. I know I do.”

CSR Lady: “Goodbye”


Nope, I didn’t get to say goodbye. I was hung up on.
Yeah, I know, it shocks me too.
I didn’t ask for anything in return for my opinion, and I wouldn’t dream of it.
I think that if there is a good (or even bad) product out there; given to me for free, discount or fully paid for, that I think will make your life better in some way, I’m going to let you all know about it.
It also means I will tell you my opinion of a CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE.

What’s sad about this whole situation, is that it now makes me look differently at their product. I love it, no doubt about that. It tastes good, also no doubt.

How they treat their customers?

Now, that I have a problem with.

So tell me, how would YOU deal with this situation?