March 8th-14th Menu Plan

Okay, so let’s try and get back on “the saddle again” and work towards having a full week of not eating out, shall we?

Even if it means eating peanut butter (which we’re out of) and jelly for dinner, I’m going to try my DARNDEST to not eat out.

So, here’s this week’s plan! …Continue Reading…


This week’s menu- March 1st-7th RECAP

Okay, so for our first week of not eating out, we pretty much failed. But, we only ate out once. Which we normally eat out 4-5 times a week. I know, I sighed at that too.

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This week’s menu- March 1st-7th

Okay, so with this being the first week of our March Menu Madness (ya know, the one where we AREN’T eating out for a whole month- GAH) I’m keeping it simple, with things that are easy and quick to prepare. I will update you on the night of the 7th (Sunday) as to how these dishes went- the good, the bad and the really, really ugly.

Monday (today)- Chili

Tuesday- Tacos and mexican-style rice …Continue Reading…


March Menu Madness!

One thing my family and I are guilty of, is eating out waaaaay too much!

We spend so much money a month on eating out, that it’s almost to the point where it’s embarassing. The sad part is, that my husband is an amazing cook- and at one point wanted to become a chef!

So this month- we’re not eating out. At all. That includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now, being the domestic debacle that I am, I have a tendency to even …Continue Reading…


Giada’s Chicken Piccata recipe

So most of you know that J is Italian. 100%. So we eat a lot of  “Italian foods”. One of our absolute favorites, is chicken piccata- and one of the best recipes is from Food Network’s Giada De Laurentiis (my hubby’s crush).  Now, this recipe is also very close to chicken French, which is another favorite of ours. Here’s the recipe he’s doing tomorrow night: …Continue Reading…