M’s first wedding.

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My daughter has been invited to her first wedding. It’s a family affair (all three of us were invited) to celebrate my good friend and her fiance.

We’re all so excited for this, and have been waiting for a few years for him to “pop the question”. They’re a great couple, and I’ve enjoyed seeing the love they share.

But M, she’s the MOST excited of all. When she had gotten “wind” of the wedding, she went bonkers. Apparently to a 7 year-old girl, this is the event of the century. Not that I can blame her.

Before the invitation even arrived, M was telling everyone that she needed a NEW dress and pair of shoes for this wedding. It was hilarious. M would Skype with family out of town, and before they could ask her how she was, she would blurt out “Miss C is getting married, and I’m getting a new dress!”

It was hilarious! So, we searched and searched for the “perfect dress” according to M:

Obviously, she had just gotten home from school and couldn’t wait to try it on (her hair was all sorts of crazy). But I have to admit, I got a little teary. She made a good choice.

What do you think?