Consolidating and Updating

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*Disclosure: This post contains a sponsored link. However, the story is mine, and all thoughts are my own.

You know when you prepare to move, you KNOW that it’s not coming for a while, but there are things you want to get done well in advance so when the time comes it’s easier?

Whew, that was a big sentence.

Anyways, that’s where I’m at right now. Kinda. I have this little corner in my house, in my living room. It’s a bit of a home office that’s in the middle of everything. Which I guess could be good and bad. Mostly bad because I can’t get anything done when the kiddo is home from school (yeah, we’re STILL struggling with that), but good in the sense that she can play and I can keep an eye on her.

In my home office I have a small corner desk with two drawers: one for supplies, the other for files. I have outgrown both and am being eaten alive by the eruption of their contents. So much so, that I’m also working out of two bankers boxes and one of my printers is on a TV tray. Try to hide your *jealousy*.

In my little corner, there’s also a HUGE media rack that pretty much does nothing but collect dust:

Dust bunny factory.

Dust bunny factory.

All of our music is on my computer (Taking a brief moment to pray that my computer holds out another two weeks, is there a Patron Saint for that?!?) and our DvDs are pretty much neglected for streaming. So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to clear out some of that clutter and sell my CDs online and save the ones I want to keep in a case. So not only am I gaining space back, I’m also making a little cash. It’s a win-win! And once that behemoth is gone, I have a beautiful new filing cabinet that will go in its place. I’m super excited for that! Business has been so busy lately, that I’m having to completely re-do this area. I actually bought a new desk as well, but it won’t be here for a couple days.  I got a great deal on both the desk and the cabinet that I could NOT pass them up!

So what about you? Have you had to re-do any areas in your home lately? When was the last time you moved?