Retro Mama Customs Review & Personal Design Session Giveaway!

Recently I had the chance to review a Retro Mama Custom hand-stamped necklace.

Notice I said *chance*.

My daughter (5) decided it was the perfect necklace for her- and that’s where it’s been ever since!

Isn’t that dainty tiara just adorable? …Continue Reading…


I have swimsuit confidence- thanks to Lands’ End!

When Lands’ End (in partnership with the Curvy Girl’s Guide) contacted me to celebrate National Swimsuit Confidence week of May 23-27, and wanted me to review a swimsuit I thought “sure, no problem”. I’d post my review and include the actual photo from their site of the model paid to wear it.


Because she looks darn good in it.

But oh no… Lands’ End wanted me to show YOU what I looked like in the suit.

Um…okay? …Continue Reading…


A giveaway of 365 days of Downy. To moms, that’s priceless.

Since I’m a mom, it’s tough to get a good night’s sleep. Let’s be honest, when you have kids sleep tends to be the last priority on your list.  But when I use Ultra Downy April Fresh I know I can count on that scent to help lull me into a great sleep.

Downy recently teamed up with the National Sleep Foundation for a Bedroom Poll which examined how different elements of the bedroom affect sleep.  Here are some of the most interesting statistics: …Continue Reading…


Disney Fairies Pop Art Toaster Review!

Okay, since I’m on a “Disney roll” at the moment, I thought I’d share a product with you that I found, and my family LOVES!

My family and I were recently given a Disney Fairies Pop Art Toaster.

But this is no ordinary toaster.

I mean, obviously. It has the words “Disney” and “Fairies” in it.

So it can’t be boring.

It has to live up to some serious expectations, right? …Continue Reading…


Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi Plus review and Bluetooth Headset giveaway-CLOSED


Is super small and cute!

It’s made of plastic and is light, but doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy in your hand. …Continue Reading…