A year in review

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This year, was probably one of my toughest yet rewarding years of my life. It’s a relief to see it behind me, but I am actually thankful I’ve experienced so much.

At the beginning of this year, I took over the family finances to ease the burden on my husband. It made it easier for just me to organize and pay the bills. It was a very rewarding growing-up experience. Before this year I’d never balanced a check book or really have to pay my own bills. Someone in my life has always just taken over that responsibility for me, and it was certainly an eye-opener!

January was tough. Because of this, behind the scenes, blogging has also been tough. Because I chose to write about my experience of abuse, I’ve dealt with a lot of harassment, hate filled blogs (that not only attacked me, but also my husband and daughter) and hate-mail on the back side.  It was from those who supported (or are) the people that did these things to me. I pray for their salvation daily, and in the end, I am so glad I have this forum to share my story. So many of you came forward with your own stories of abuse (whether it be physical, mental or both) and it’s nice to know that there are other survivors out there.

In February, I also went to Blissdom, and met some amazing people! I also got closer to some of my “Big Deal Moms” during the experience (a big shout out to my “Meals and Deals” crew!) and it helped …Continue Reading…


Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal

Actually, this post should have been titled

“One of my favorite places”.

Because that’s just what it is!

I remember visiting there as a child on field trips, amazed with the entry way.

The architecture. …Continue Reading…


Dear parents: you’re making me look bad.

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So I’m going to take a time-out from my Blissdom recaps to bring you my soap-box complaint.

Dear over-achieving preschool parents,



Every morning you look so put together. I mean, it looks like you’ve showered. And nine times out …Continue Reading…


Valentine’s Day Sucks if You’re in Preschool.

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And no, not for the reason you’re thinking. Valentine’s day with my husband is usually quite romantic and fun.

But this year, with M in school, it’s a whole new ball game.


M has a bully (I know, my daughter and I really have something in common this week).

The problem? …Continue Reading…


M’s first day at school

Since, it’s mid-November, I’d say it’s about time I finally post the pictures from M’s first day at school.


She’s come a long way since then (cough::sharing::cough) and it’s amazing …Continue Reading…