Are you a wimpy parent?

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Recently, my local newspaper published a list of questions posed by the ever-popular Dr. Ramey Ph.D. of Dayton Children’s Medical Center.

Needless to say, I got a good chuckle from them.

So I’ve listed them here for you. With my answers.

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And the winner is:

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Jen! Thanks everyone for participating in my first-ever giveaway, and a special thanks to those who blogged about it!


Ahem- Could I have your attention, please?

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Now that I have your undivided attention, I would like to announce something. Not just something, but a BIG something.


Yes, you heard it right. She might be 3, but she is finally potty trained! What made her make that final leap??

Thank you Disney, I am forever in your debt. Literally.


It’s the little things

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I took a long shower yesterday, and got to wash my hair!

Yesterday, instead of housework, M and I went for a walk. We walked up to the office, and back. She actually listened to me too.

The laundry has piled up, but I don’t mind. We still have clean clothes to wear! This means we have too many clothes. I’ll be gathering them up for the homeless shelter before Saturday.

The weather is great. Warm, not sunny, and breezy- bordering on windy.

My gas bill came in. I’ve overpaid $200. I don’t owe anything, and still have a $108 credit.

Our maintenance tech is coming over to look at our water meter. We’re hoping he’ll find out what’s wrong. I know we don’t use as much water as they are saying.

M pooped in her diaper again. Instead of punishing her, I made a deal. Poop in the potty, and I’ll take you to TRU, and you get a My Little Pony. I’m actually hoping this will get expensive!

I’ve decided, if I can’t change something, I’m just going to go with the flow. Loose lips, sink ships.
Tonight, I get to play with a Cricut. I’m so excited! I’m saving all my pennies for the Expression model.
Last night I went to church, instead of my regularly scheduled program. I am so glad I did!
So, there are some little things going on. I hope I didn’t bore you too much!


Is the grass always greener?

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I’m having a not-so-great day.

My DH’s company is cutting our pay 10%. Why? Because they make bad business choices. Not our fault, but we have to take it. We’ve currently downsized to one car so that we could save for a down payment on a house. The money we were going to be saving, is going down the 10% drain. We will hardly have any money for groceries even. It’s a big, big cut. I don’t know what we’re going to do. I never finished my college degree, so it’s not like I have a career to fall back on. I could go get a part time job, but I’m sure I won’t be making more than minimum wage. And, is it worth it, sacrificing family time? What’s the point in having a family if you can’t see them? I can’t bear the thought. It’s what I want to do- I want to be a SAHM. Trials and tribulations and all. I am at a loss here. I know I should be thankful to even have my DH employed, but it’s not enough to support our family. I know I could cut cable next, but if it’s the only form of entertainment we have left, what else am I supposed to do?

I’m in the midst of potty training. I put M down for her nap, and got into the shower so I could “cool off”. While I was in the shower, M came in to tell me she pooped in her diaper. I had asked her MANY times before I put her in her nap time diaper if she needed to go, and each time she said no. I told her if she needed to poopie, to go ahead and get on the potty like she normally does. Instead, she poops in her diaper! I am so tired of changing these nasty toddler diapers! The smell is the worst. Couldn’t she do it when Daddy is home from work?

It just seems like one thing after another. And today, I’m just not prepared to handle it. Such is life I guess.

By the way, does anyone know where I can find one of these?