I Got a Diet Pepsi And … Josh Duhamel Checked Me Out!

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Okay, so it wasn’t me. But I wish it was! Two things I love: Diet Pepsi (All things Pepsi are a total guilty pleasure of mine) and Josh Duhamel (aka Mr. Fergie).

A few lucky Diet Pepsi shoppers in July at a grocery store in LA. got the shock of their life! Going incognito as a store employee, Josh caught shoppers off-guard by “checking them out” (at the register: duh, he’s married!) to prove fun things can happen when you choose a Diet Pepsi.

From popping up at the register, cart racing with a preschooler, to corralling (and riding in) shopping carts to stocking shelves with Diet Pepsi, Josh leveraged his improv comedy chops to bring laughter and surprise to unsuspecting shoppers all day long. Actual shopper reactions and interactions with jokester Josh were all captured (thanks to a hidden camera) for a new Diet Pepsi video: