Whoa, where have I been??

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On the shores of Lake Ontario.

How beautiful is this view? Yeah, I took these pictures from my purple Durango. Why? Why not!

Okay, so I’ve been away. I think the last time I had posted was waaaay back in October. My how time flies! I think the main reason I have not posted is, well, it’s still hockey season. M still has twice-a-week practices that we all enjoy. There for awhile, we were doing 3 days a week, totaling 6.5 hours of practice time. A lot for a 3 year-old little girl. I made the executive decision to back her off it. It was an unpopular move, but it looks a lot nicer in my check book. Also, we’ve been sick since Thanksgiving. No kidding here. Even when we went home to NY for Christmas, M ended up in the hospital with a stomach bug. As I write this, I am under a mound of tissues. This afternoon I’ll be picking up my second installment of anti-biotics. Fun fun! Then this past Tuesday, I had an unfortunate accident. I fell down our steep stairs. Ouch. It landed me in the hospital. Not fun. It’s a lesson to be learned though. When you don’t feel right, listen to your body and don’t walk down stairs. It’s not a smooth ride! There’s nothing the doctors can really do for me, except manage the pain. Now, if I could only get Johnny to avoid the bumps in the road when he drives me around town! I’m hoping to be more back to myself (whatever that is) by tomorrow. Yes, Jessica P, I will make it to the Post Office for you tomorrow, “no matter what” (said like the Orbitz lady). I need to get back to my regularly scheduled program of blogging, since it helps me take a moment to myself. I’d really like a laptop (yes, I have about 6 of them upstairs, but I don’t know if any of them are worth the coaster they’ve become) that I can sit on the couch with. Have I mentioned my back hurts?? Oh, boy does it ever. I had to flip my couch over this morning, because my cell phone down the black hole. I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed now.
And Jennifer, thank you for reminding me I still had a blog. I still visit you and Charlotte every day. I hope this blog finds you well. Keep me updated about the new little one! When should I be expecting the new arrival?