Waterpik Medallion Easy Select Shower Head- A MUST FOR MOMS

Alright moms, admit it.

Shower time can be scarce with kiddos running around, and it seems that you take care of everyone before you take time for yourself.

It’s okay.

We’re moms.

It’s what we do.

But there are little things out there that make our brief …Continue Reading…


Share the Table- with Barilla

One thing that my family strives to do is share our time together at the dinner table. No matter what’s going on, we make it a point to take that time out of our busy lives to eat and share what happened during the day. It’s a great way to connect and teach our daughter that family is #1.

Barilla gets how important it is to have this special time with your family, and with their Share the Table program– they help in every way they can. They give great recipes and tips on how to keep …Continue Reading…


Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal

Actually, this post should have been titled

“One of my favorite places”.

Because that’s just what it is!

I remember visiting there as a child on field trips, amazed with the entry way.

The architecture. …Continue Reading…


Dear Parenting Magazine:

Default post image

As you can imagine, I am *not* too happy with an article you published in your July 2010 issue.

Which one, you ask?

“Feel Better Naked”.

I hate to break it to you, but it’s a joke. …Continue Reading…


Where have I been?

Goodness these last couple of weeks have been crazy!

J, M and I went to NY for a few days to visit family- and let me tell you- it’s the worst drive. Ever.


M (who’s 4) had learned the phrase:

“ARE WE THERE YET??” …Continue Reading…