5 Fabulous Bloggers.

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So most of you that read Domestic Debacle, like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter know who I love to read on a regular basis. In this post, I’ll go more into detail as to why I follow my top 5. …Continue Reading…


Celebrate Mary Kay!

Mary Kay Ash was an inspirational businesswoman who sought to empower other women through both her words and her successful cosmetics brand.

Mary Kay is offering the opportunity for any woman to celebrate Mary Kay Ash’s May 12th birthday by entering to win their own beauty birthday presents – products from Mary Kay.

Each day this week through Mary Kay Ash’s birthday on Thursday, Mary Kay is hosting different product set giveaways to make women look and feel their best every day, as well as for special …Continue Reading…


The PR Pitch Debacle.

Also known as the worst PR Pitch ever. Really.

So many of us in the blogging world deal with PR pitches on a daily basis. Some good, and some very, very bad. Some of the bad ones make me giggle and I either delete or give a quick “no thanks”. I make it a habit to work with those who not only value me (starting with knowing my name), but also value my readers. Recently I received such a bad PR pitch that I couldn’t just delete it.

It was going in the “Bad PR Pitch Hall of Fame”.

And of course, I couldn’t just keep this letter to myself. Because I’m also sticking up for …Continue Reading…


How are you going to pay for that “big want”?

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In my end-of-year post, I mentioned that I took over our family finances in early 2010.

I also mentioned that it was a real eye-opener, and somewhat of a wake-up call.

That, was putting it lightly.

Every year, my family and I write a “wish-list” of big items we would like to purchase or do. 2011’s list has been made, and has grown (and grown, and grown…).Keep in mind, anything that makes this list MUST be paid with CASH ONLY. That’s right folks: COLD. HARD. CASH. Plastic need not apply. …Continue Reading…


The night that the lights went out in Ohio

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One thing that’s all over the news this morning (that is, if you have power to get the news) is this nasty wintry storm that’s hit the heart land.

And boy, has it.

It was a whopping 20 degrees here last night- when the power decided to give out on us.

Everything was cold. Cold air. Cold Snow. Cold ice. Cold noses. Cold toes…

And honestly, that list could go on for ages.

Even my patio door is completely frozen shut.

Here’s what my front walk-way looked like with the ice storm- even AFTER we salted: …Continue Reading…