Kiddie Leashes- one hot topic.

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Photo: The Eddie Bauer Child Harness Buddy from Target

I’m a member of a forum that covers travel. Specifically Disney travel.

Recently, the topic of “kiddie leashes” came up. I knew the moment I read it, there would be differences of opinions.

I’ll be honest- I used to be 100% dead-set against leashes for children. I really thought it was the lazy-parent route. I had a daughter who never needed one, so I thought I could judge. …Continue Reading…


Ragu: Dad’s the word on dinner in my kitchen.

I think that Smokey the Bear once said something like:

“Only you can prevent controversy.”




Okay, not really.

But he totally should have. …Continue Reading…


Disney is back!

I am so pleased to share with you something that I’ve been wanting to say for announce for some time now:


And it’s right here, in Southwest Ohio at Kenwood Mall!

Yes, I cried. Yes, I was speechless. And yes, I totally took my kid out of school to experience it’s opening!

It’s the newest concept for the Disney Store, and a complete destination within itself. I was completely blown away with the level of detail and magic put into every corner. It truly goes above and beyond what I have come to normally expect from Disney.

And that says a lot.

It’s got it’s own castle, …Continue Reading…


Mary Kay- Giving Women a Voice.

As most of my readers already know, I’m a huge domestic violence prevention advocate. What warms my heart the most, is when a company that I love so much does something to support this cause.

Mary Kay Inspiring Stories is an exciting new program created to give women nationwide the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be flown to Hollywood and produce documentaries that inspire, educate and create a national conversation about the issue of domestic violence alongside celebrities who share a commitment to the cause. Mary Kay, a company dedicated to enriching women’s lives, is taking action with this compelling initiative to empower women to bring their collective voices together to fight back against the number one cause of injury to women.

Women, ages 18 to 34, are invited and encouraged to apply online from June 1 through June 30 at: http://www.MaryKayInspiringStories.com for a chance to get involved. …Continue Reading…


I have swimsuit confidence- thanks to Lands’ End!

When Lands’ End (in partnership with the Curvy Girl’s Guide) contacted me to celebrate National Swimsuit Confidence week of May 23-27, and wanted me to review a swimsuit I thought “sure, no problem”. I’d post my review and include the actual photo from their site of the model paid to wear it.


Because she looks darn good in it.

But oh no… Lands’ End wanted me to show YOU what I looked like in the suit.

Um…okay? …Continue Reading…