Because sometimes, people just don’t believe you. Publishing the hate.

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Recently, on Twitter, you might have seen me asking for prayers with not much explanation.

Well, remember the post I wrote in January?

I got some responses. Several were fantastic and supportive. Some were not.

I’ve decided to take one of the negative responses, and take excerpts from it to share with you all. Now this person, knows my parents. In fact they consider them friends.

Why am I doing this? Because there will always be people out there who do not believe abuse can happen between a parent and their child. Just because they thought they knew/know the adults. Some people don’t believe things can happen behind closed doors.

Those people look through rose-colored glasses. Or they’re brainwashed. Which is more likely the case.

I also want to use this conversation as a way to show you all how hurtful these things can be. It took A …Continue Reading…


Dear parents: you’re making me look bad.

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So I’m going to take a time-out from my Blissdom recaps to bring you my soap-box complaint.

Dear over-achieving preschool parents,



Every morning you look so put together. I mean, it looks like you’ve showered. And nine times out …Continue Reading…


Franklin Covey: I heart you-but I’m just not sure we’re right for each other.

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If there is one company out there who gets that I am a planning type- A momma, it’s Franklin Covey. I discovered them a little over 7 years ago, after J dragged me into our local Franklin Covey store in the mall.

AND OMGOODNESS, I fell on the floor, right then and there.


I quickly bought up every binder from Classic zips, clasps and snaps to Monarch zip, snap, handles and retractable handles. I also bought up ever accessory in between.

The only one I don’t own- is the Franklin Covey Compact binder- and guess …Continue Reading…


The Dove Mission.- CLOSED

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On Thursday, I shared my story of depression, abuse and self-esteem issues.

And I have good news. There is someone who cares. A very big someone. …Continue Reading…


Survivor Unsilenced.

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You know those commercials you see all the time on TV, that are just stating over and over that “depression hurts”. Well, yeah. It does hurt. But life goes on, and you can’t just sit there on the couch staring off into space. It just doesn’t work like that. Or maybe it does, if you’re not a mom. I’ve been struggling with depression for quite a bit lately, and with my way of coping- I just don’t leave the house unless I have to.
Let me give you a little background here.

On the outside, growing up, it seemed like I had the perfect life. I grew up in a quaint little …Continue Reading…