The time I accidentally sent my daughter to school with an adult beverage.

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While y’all good moms are over there baking cookies and putting together cute gift baskets for your child’s teacher- I’m the mom who’s sending in adult beverage sets to celebrate the end of the year.


Because if I was with 24 kids, all day and all year long I’d like a drink or two too. How about you?

BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, I never intended to send my daughter to school with a book bag full of an adult beverage mix. I had it all together, wrapped nicely and stuck inside of a blue opaque pitcher with some cute outdoorsy cups and in that shrink-wrap gift basket plastic you blow-dry to seal.

FYI- my spell check does NOT go all ape-shit on the word “outdoorsy”. That’s pretty awesome in my opinion.

I was totally planning on bringing in the little gift set for my daughter’s teacher on the last day of school AFTER the bell had rung. But since I bought the set early, and silly me had left it in our entry way, M thought it was a good idea to go ahead and take it to school Tuesday morning without asking her father and I first. Well, she did ask her father, and he said “whatever mom said” and since I was sleeping in, no one wanted to wake me up. So she went on to school carrying an adult drink wrapped as a cute little outdoor pitcher gift set.

So she came home from school proud as a peacock that her teacher LOVED her gift. Score! So I asked her how she handled the pitcher, and she said that “her teacher had to run it out to her car, but it was cool, mom”. Good thing the kiddo had NO idea what was in the pitcher!

I spoke to the teacher on the last day of school, which was when I was planning on coming in anyway, and profusely apologized for accidentally letting my kid bringing it in. She did at least say she was looking forward to breaking it open, so there’s that. heh.

It’s one of those OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I SENT MY 1ST GRADER TO SCHOOL WITH AN ADULT BEVERAGE MIX moments. And it will NEVER, EVER happen again. Lesson learned folks! Hide all gifts until YOU want them brought into school.



Wordless Wednesday: All about the music

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M’s first wedding.

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My daughter has been invited to her first wedding. It’s a family affair (all three of us were invited) to celebrate my good friend and her fiance.

We’re all so excited for this, and have been waiting for a few years for him to “pop the question”. They’re a great couple, and I’ve enjoyed seeing the love they share.

But M, she’s the MOST excited of all. When she had gotten “wind” of the wedding, she went bonkers. Apparently to a 7 year-old girl, this is the event of the century. Not that I can blame her.

Before the invitation even arrived, M was telling everyone that she needed a NEW dress and pair of shoes for this wedding. It was hilarious. M would Skype with family out of town, and before they could ask her how she was, she would blurt out “Miss C is getting married, and I’m getting a new dress!”

It was hilarious! So, we searched and searched for the “perfect dress” according to M:

Obviously, she had just gotten home from school and couldn’t wait to try it on (her hair was all sorts of crazy). But I have to admit, I got a little teary. She made a good choice.

What do you think?


Does this make my kid a spy?

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I got M off to school this morning- then came home to find this on my coffee table:

So does this make my kid a spy, or a cryptographer?

You decide.


Girls Crochet Headbands: A fashionable review and giveaway!

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Recently I was asked by Girls Crochet Headbands to do a review and giveaway for them. Little did I know that they soon would become my FAVORITE new online store for girls’ and women accessories (if you’re looking for the perfect pin-up flower that photographs well at an amazing price, definitely check them out)! Obviously I love them for their prices, but I also love them for their customer service. They are very active on Facebook and Twitter– answering questions and keeping you up to date on their latest products. They’re also all over Pinterest (hello, lovah!). I love love their pins, so make sure you follow their boards!

When I received the bows, flowers, headbands and hat I was blown away by the quality and attention to detail. So much so, that I actually went to their website and ordered more (yes, on my own dime-full disclosure FTW!). The prices are CRAZY awesome! I bought a hat, one flower, two bows and one headband for $10 and that included shipping! FOR REAL!

So here’s what I received for my review:

Large White Bow

Halloween Flower Clip

Gerber Daisy Three Tone Flower Clip

Gerber Daisy Hot Pink/Zebra Flower Clip

Which you can also check out my kiddo wearing them in my photo below! They are absolutely adorable, photograph well and are stunning in person. My daughter gets compliments all the time about them. Honestly, we can’t go anywhere without someone stopping us to tell her how pretty her bow and/or flower is! The colors are bright and they are put together very well (the quality is consistent). They all have alligator clips, which at first I was really worried about (M has super-thick hair) but they are quite “grippy” and hold all day long- through school, drum lessons- all the way to bed time! M also says they’re very comfortable to wear. She says they’re light and they hold well so she doesn’t worry about them falling out at all, even on the playground.

and I also received the Black Kufi Hat which is so versatile! I love how you can add any bow or flower to it. We had a lot of fun playing around with it. The kufi hat really is the best fall accessory, and comes in so many colors! We loved it so much, that we ordered a pink one. BUT (and here’s my only complaint) the sizing wasn’t consistent. The black kufi hat was quite a bit smaller than the pink, and both times we ordered a large. They do stretch, but the pink was considerably larger. But I wouldn’t let that stop you from ordering it, because like I mentioned, they stretch to fit.

UPDATE: 9/13 2:22pm Girls Crochet Headbands sent me this comment (which just PROVES how awesome their customer service is!): “Just a note about the sizing on the Kufi hats. They are all handmade and do vary some in size. We also get them from a couple of different manufacturers so when they come in, we sort them in size groups as close as we can to each other, but you are right – there are variations! And you are also right that they stretch”.

Now for the giveaway: one winner will receive 5 items of their choice from GirlsCrochetHeadbands.com! All you have to do is…
1) Mandatory: Head over to the Girls Crochet Headbands website and look around. Then come back here and leave a comment telling me what your favorite GCH item is (I know, it’s hard to narrow it down!).

For extra entries you can also:

2) “Like”GCH on Facebook, then leave a separate comment letting me know you did.

3) Follow GCH on Pinterest (they’re pinning so many awesome things!) and leave me a separate comment letting me know you did.

4) Follow GCH on Twitter and leave me a separate comment letting me know you did.

*A winner will be chosen at 10:00am on Friday, September 21st by Random.org. Good luck!

**I was provided with the above items to facilitate my review.