BrickArms: because even LEGOS need toy guns

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Every now and then I come across a really cool toy, that I just have to share with you. This weekend, I made it out to my local gun show and found a real gem- BrickArms.

My daughter’s BrickArms and LEGO Friends Collection

BrickArms is a small, family owned toy company specializing in original, custom designed LEGO compatible weapons and custom mini-figures. All toys are original, and they produce high quality, low cost toys that fit perfectly within the LEGO world. They truly are a “mom and pop shop”. The owner of the company, Will Chapman (based out of WA) has the help of his wife, 3 sons and his parents Robert and Sharlain, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the gun show. Robert Chapman is a charming retired USAF fighter pilot and teacher, and Sharlain (M’s very own personal shopper), is a retired Occupational Therapist. They travel all over the country to sell their son’s fantastic and innovative toy accessories.

They sell (almost) exclusively at gun shows in the US, bringing over five dozen different Brickarms products to see, touch, play with and buy. And since Brickarms products are designed and manufactured in the USA, you can’t go wrong. They’re an inexpensive toy, that lets your child’s imagination soar!

If you’re interested in BrickArms, be sure to check out their website, Facebook page and Twitter! You can also catch them selling at the Tidewater Gun and Knife Show, at the Norfolk Scope, in Norfolk, VA, April 5th and 6th.  They will also be at Dayton, OH’s, Hara Arena the weekend of April 13th & 14th.  They will have an extensive line of Brickarms LEGO compatible weapons and mini-figures.  Custom figures will include Rambo, a SWAT policeman, desert terrorist, American soldiers in both green and tan uniforms, and German soldiers in a variety of uniforms.