CVS Pharmacy- you and I are in a fight.

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Dear CVS,

I am writing to let you know, that we are in a fight.


Because your pharmacy LOST my …Continue Reading…


Franklin Covey: I heart you-but I’m just not sure we’re right for each other.

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If there is one company out there who gets that I am a planning type- A momma, it’s Franklin Covey. I discovered them a little over 7 years ago, after J dragged me into our local Franklin Covey store in the mall.

AND OMGOODNESS, I fell on the floor, right then and there.


I quickly bought up every binder from Classic zips, clasps and snaps to Monarch zip, snap, handles and retractable handles. I also bought up ever accessory in between.

The only one I don’t own- is the Franklin Covey Compact binder- and guess …Continue Reading…


The night of a thousand lights…

Police lights, that is.

We were on the main drag in front of our local mall tonight, on our way to a much deserved dinner out, when a police officer pulled up behind us.

J made the comment knowing our luck lately “oh great, we’ll probably get a ticket”.

I respond with ” if we do I’m sure we’ll deserve it. I’m pretty sure we’re not going to get …Continue Reading…


2009’s week from HELL.

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Have you noticed something lately?

I haven’t really been around. On here, on Twitter and not really on Facebook either (besides the updates when I can). So here’s what’s been going on…

On December 13th M was diagnosed with pneumonia, which you already knew.

On December 14th, J was rushed from work in the afternoon to Miami Valley Hospital …Continue Reading…


I turned down a spa day.

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I know, you think I’ve finally lost it. That the C Diff has gone to my brain. But in spite of this thought, I assure you, I am as sane as I have been in a very long time.

So, here’s the story.

With C Diff looming in my life for the past 8 or so weeks, I’ve had to look forward to something when I got better. So J and I agreed upon a spa day, even though I know we really can’t afford it (You want honesty and integrity? I got it right here, baby!) because of my huge medical bills and his student loans. But, we both agreed that after everything I’ve gone through, I deserve it. And besides, I need one of those break moments.

But that was until about an hour ago.

I went to my eye-doctor to get a pair of sunglasses (that were completely covered by our eye insurance!). And then I turned around, and I fell head over heals in love with these:
If I could draw sunshine and rainbows all over this page, I would.

Now here’s my theory. If I was willing to spend my husband’s hard earned money on a spa day for me, wouldn’t it make more sense to replace my old, bent out of shape, holding on by a thread (and by thread I mean super glue) current glasses?

And oh boy, would these make me happy! Just look at them! When I put them on, I was in my happy place!

And they are made by my favorite eye-glass brand in the world- Ray Ban!
May you Men In Black fans rejoice (yes, I am a dork, but if you’re reading my blog you should know that already)!

So while my sunglasses were FREE dollars, I must wait a few more weeks (or months) before I can afford my Clubmasters. But I promise you, I will own them. One way or another!

It’s my goal.

Get better.

Get Ray Ban Clubmasters.