Food Allergies Are Scary. And now we’re confused.

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I don’t think the title of this post even remotely touches how scary food allergies really are.

I’ve taken a back-seat from my blog for the past month because my daughter has been hospitalized twice due to her food allergy. It’s been something we’ve been struggling with, because a new one has developed. A couple years ago M had an allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to shellfish. We’ve steered clear since then, and have done a pretty decent job at it until March.

As you may/may not know, my family and I are Catholic. During Lent, we observe the tradition of not eating meat on Fridays, and instead eat fish. This year, we stuck to cheese pizza nearly every Friday-until we found a fish monger in our area who would accommodate my daughter’s allergy. We were assured that our fish was prepared in a clean (and shellfish free) station with new gloves and clean knives.

That night, she had a slight reaction.

We weren’t sure what was going on, but the folks in the ER that night …Continue Reading…