Our Villainous DisneySide Party!

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Last month I was given the opportunity to host a Villain-Themed DisneySide party for my daughter’s girl scout troop. We had such a great time. With all the tools thanks to MomSelect and Disney, we were able to pull off a great party for each girl to show their DisneySide!


The box came with so many goodies- from Twinnings Tea, Duff Goldman cakes, All, Disney (with puzzles, games, and trivia), My Image Bracelet Maker, and more! Opening it was like Christmas morning, I knew the girls would love all of it.




We started out the night with some villainous cupcakes that were totally delicious and devoured in seconds:


The girls had such a fun time. We used our party as a way to build team-work. We divided the girls into two groups- so they could visit “stations” to solve trivia, build puzzles, and help each other make bracelets.


They all worked together and shared stories about their trips to Disney World and Disneyland. We had such a fun night, thanks to everyone who came and Disney who made it all possible! You can have your very own DisneySide at home celebration by visiting this link for tips, tricks, recipes, and games!



Frozen Giveaway!

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I am so excited to announce that I am a participating sponsor of this great FROZEN giveaway! My family and I are HUGE FROZEN fans, and cannot wait for our video to arrive! If you haven’t seen FROZEN yet, it’s a great film with an incredible story about sisterhood, friendship, and love. It’s not your typical “Disney Princess in Distress” story, and that’s what makes it fantastic!

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My #DisneySide @ Home Celebration!

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*I have received free products in order to host the DisneySide @Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Recently I was given the opportunity to host a DisneySide @Home Celebration for 10 people. I was so excited to be chosen, and I couldn’t wait to share my #DisneySide with some very special little girls- my daughter’s Girl Scout troop!

My kit contained party favors, decorations, activities, games, special hostess gifts and some really cool recipe ideas! I added a few things of my own to create the perfect party!

My daughter was so excited to help set up the party! We enlisted the help of some friends, and pulled off some pretty awesome decorations!

DisneySide decorations

All of the guests received a goodie bag filled with Run Disney stickers, HP photo card packs, Muppets Most Wanted Calendar, Run Disney Bracelet, Goofy tattoo, Disney Princess Silly Bands, box of Craisins, and a Mickey Mouse Ring Pop! I also included “Mickey Ears” that I found at my local party store! The girls loved them so much and kept them on the whole party.

DisneySide Cupcakes Mickey Mouse

The girls were ready for snack time, so we jumped right in to have our Mickey Mouse punch and cupcakes! They were the highlight of our party and I’m so glad I went with something simple. Our scouts couldn’t sit still and wanted to get the activities started right away!


Once everyone was done with the snack, we moved on to the activities! Since we had 8 scouts show up, we broke them into two groups and had them alternate the activities. One group decorated t-shirts while the other worked on their runDisney chEAR signs! Once they were done, we began the BINGO and trivia questions! I was happily surprised to hear so many of the girls get the trivia questions correct without any coaching! One of our girls was actually leaving for her very first Disney World trip within a matter of days, and I think we prepared her well 😉


We had some very happy Girl Scouts showing their #DisneySide! They talked about the event for weeks after, and each one is excited to have their very own DisneySide Party @Home!

Want to host your very own DisneySide @Home Celebration? Head to to get some great resources! You can also get some tasty recipes (that were included in my kit as well) from



A Disney Princess Costume Fashion Show

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Snow White, Tiana, Ariel and…

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Cake Hope and Love do Snow White- and learn about my #DisneySide

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My favorite bakery, Cake Hope and Love in Beavercreek, OH made me a cupcake today. Special request, one of a kind!

It's mine! All mine!

It’s mine! All mine!


I love it! Everyone knows my obsession with all things Disney- especially Snow White! Here’s a little about me- I share a …Continue Reading…