I just love cool things!

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I just love cool things, especially when they have something to do with aviation. It also helps that we live like 2 blocks from the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Let me tell you, this is one nifty (and huge) place. If you ever plan a trip to the Dayton area, this is a must see. You really need more than one day to go through the museum(s), see the IMAX movies and enjoy the simulators. So if you do come, plan on being here two or more days. You might even catch M and I there (we’re regulars, about twice a week).

The best thing about it is that it is 100% free. Admission and parking. Yeah. Awesome right? They also provide strollers free of charge. Think this is great? Well, it gets even better. The food in the cafe is well priced. M and I can have lunch there, with drinks and come out at around $7. Not bad for 2 people. The food is really good to, and the service is always with a smile. There’s also plenty of space to pack your lunch, and eat it too. The only thing that might set you back a little is the IMAX theater and the large simulator. Not sure on the prices of those, so check out their site for more details.
The main problem that I have with this place is that you have to walk through their gift shop (sneaky-sneaky!) to get to the indoor museum(s). And with a 3 year-old that doesn’t normally go smoothly. We’ve finally gotten to the point where we’ve bought so much stuff from there, that M doesn’t ask for anything anymore. At least until they get their new toy shipments in.
So let me get to the reason I began writing this post. Recently, the NMOTUSAF (thought I’d abbreviate here for ya) held their own “Night at the Museum”. Boy was it crowded! They ended up having a record number of attendees, and broke fire code.
If you have ever been there before, you may pick up your jaw from the floor-now.
I kid you not. We were shoulder-to-shoulder in this place. It was cool, yet scary at the same time. See, we weren’t just in there with tourists. There were aliens among the crowd (okay, don’t hit the “x” in the corner. I’m not crazy, keep reading). Real. Live. Aliens. And their “men in black” chasing them.

(photo credit National Museum of the US Air Force)

It looked like this one needed a break or two. So, M was terrified of these guys. Which let me tell you, my kid is all talk. For weeks she has carried around a little alien doll, that must have been related to the fine gentleman (lady?) above. She loves this thing, but when put face-to-face with a breathing alien, she was having none of it! It cracks me up! So now when we go, she always asks in the parking lot if the aliens are in “her” museum. Love her imagination!

So there were some other not-normal things in the museum as well. Including this little jem:

Yes ma’am, your eyes do not deceive you. This is the OCC Stealth bike. I’m sorry, but I think this is the coolest piece of machinery, since well, the B-22! DH wasn’t as nearly impressed as I was (hang on now- I majored in Aerospace Studies and Military Science in college) so I guess you might not be either, but I loved it. Heh. It’s on my Christmas list.

Because it was so busy, we really didn’t get to see much. We pretty much just went in, and saw M’s “BOMB” (trust me, it’s a whole ‘nother post for a whole ‘nother day).
On the way into the Apollo gallery we got to meet a real-life astronaut (as if they were all fake).

(photo credit National Museum of the US Air Force)

And to finish out the night, we got to swing by the Blue Star Mothers table, and wrote a quick note to our fantastic troops (love you guys!). If you don’t know what these ladies do, take a minute and check out their site. It’s a great organization that John and I have supported in the years past.

So, I guess with the end of this loooong post (if you made it) kudos to you! I hope you take the time to head out to the NMOTUSAF. It’s a great place, family and frugal friendly.


Garage sales in the spring time.

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The one “great thing” about living in the Miami Valley is the garage sales. You can get some killer deals and people have no clue as to what they are selling. Really. I got some GREAT deals this morning, just because I knew what I was buying. Someone was selling a Pottery Barn kids chair, with slip cover for $8. Normally, they go for $60 for the chair- and the not included slip cover- is $39. And I got the whole thing for $8. OMG. I know. I did the happy dance the whole way to the next garage sale in my neighborhood…
What I really went out to buy this morning was a pair of shorts for M, and a white-button down shirt for yours truly. I found BOTH at the next garage sale. The shirt, short sleeved, was super cute and had puffed sleeves. I can’t turn a shirt down that has puffed sleeves. The only problem, is that the arm-holes are a bit too snug. It’s nothing I can’t fix though. I can always either let it out a little or add some elastic to it. So, I went to “check out” and I saw this ADORABLE desk (with spindle legs) that was displaying an old-school X-Box. I asked the young man if it was for sale. He said yes, but he had to check with his dad. The older man came out, and told me it was $10. “$10?!?! Are you SURE??” He said yes, that his wife just didn’t like the way he refinished it (it was painted black, with a white top). I called my DH and he listed the pros and cons (I can always count on my hubby for showing me both sides to any purchase). I decided it was the right thing to do, after all it was only $10 and I needed a table for my sewing machine in the den, and DH needed a space for painting his Flames of War miniatures (did I mention he’s a gamer?). This is the perfect little desk! So I backed into the long driveway, and the men put the desk in the back of my SUV. It fit perfectly. It was meant to be! The older gentleman asked me if it will be well loved, and I replied that it surely would. I’ll take come pictures this afternoon, and post them tomorrow. But I consider myself one lucky girl!