It sure is quiet in here

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I think I’ve said the phrase “It sure is quiet in here” more times than I can count since September of 2000 December when I started to notice a decline in what little hearing I had left (in case you didn’t guess, I’m hard-of-hearing). In recent months my hearing has diminished significantly and I get really annoyed when I can’t hear what’s going on. Actually “really annoyed” is an understatement and quite sugar-coated.

I flat-out get upset with people when I can’t hear them. I know it’s not their fault. They’re probably talking at a completely normal level. I wouldn’t know though. Years of therapy, and I guess I’ve never really come to terms with my disability deafness.

So yeah, I have a little chip on my shoulder when it comes to being deaf (just so you know, my stomach churns every time I say/write the word).

Long story short:

I went deaf in September 2000. I was 17, and in my senior year of high school, and was visiting a friend at a neighborhood church. A tornado hit (maybe a sign I don’t belong in churches) and the bones in my right ear snapped right in half. I went through two excruciating surgeries in my right ear with very little support from my family to fix the issue. Both times my body rejected the implants and I was left with a whole-lotta-nothin’.

I was devastated.

So fast forward to a week or so ago, I put in my hearing aid (I only have one, because the costs are insane and insurance won’t pay a penny for one- ’cause ya know people don’t need to hear and all) and turn it on. And of course as my luck would have it I heard nothing. So I panicked, thought it was broken and did the adult thing.

I cried for two hours.

My dear husband tried to console me (read: bring me wine) and I quickly fell asleep.

The next morning I was on the phone with my audiologist scheduling an appointment to come in and get it checked out, again having a really hard time hearing with what I thought was my “good ear”. She told me to come in right away to get it checked out.

To be continued