A year in review

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This year, was probably one of my toughest yet rewarding years of my life. It’s a relief to see it behind me, but I am actually thankful I’ve experienced so much.

At the beginning of this year, I took over the family finances to ease the burden on my husband. It made it easier for just me to organize and pay the bills. It was a very rewarding growing-up experience. Before this year I’d never balanced a check book or really have to pay my own bills. Someone in my life has always just taken over that responsibility for me, and it was certainly an eye-opener!

January was tough. Because of this, behind the scenes, blogging has also been tough. Because I chose to write about my experience of abuse, I’ve dealt with a lot of harassment, hate filled blogs (that not only attacked me, but also my husband and daughter) and hate-mail on the back side.  It was from those who supported (or are) the people that did these things to me. I pray for their salvation daily, and in the end, I am so glad I have this forum to share my story. So many of you came forward with your own stories of abuse (whether it be physical, mental or both) and it’s nice to know that there are other survivors out there.

In February, I also went to Blissdom, and met some amazing people! I also got closer to some of my “Big Deal Moms” during the experience (a big shout out to my “Meals and Deals” crew!) and it helped …Continue Reading…


Review & Giveaway: Wanchai Ferry Frozen Entrees!

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Recently, I was given the opportunity to review Wanchai Ferry’s new Frozen Entrees by my good friends at Blog Spark!
My family and I were given the Orange Chicken variety, a complete meal for two (and when they say complete- it’s complete. Chicken, veggies, rice and sauce- talk about a time saver!).
My husband and I were very excited to try the new product, as we both LOVE Chinese food, especially take out. This also solved the ‘take out’ problem for us, as we don’t always have the time to run to the restaurant and wait on whomever is cooking the food. We can now have it at our disposal- in our freezer- at any time!
The best part of the complete meal for two- is that it tastes GOOD. When Wanchai Ferry says it’s restaurant quality, they mean it. In fact, I think it tastes better than most dishes I’ve had out! My husband and daughter are both very picky eaters, and they both finished their plates! In fact, my daughter started to pick things off my plate she loved it so much!

The portions are a little on the small size (I think it’s because we’re used to the huge portions restaurants give us) which means it really is a meal for two. Now that I know my daughter likes it so much, I’ll be buying two packages from here on out, with leftovers for another time.
The only thing that this set does not include, are the fortune cookies (which could be a good thing if you’re trying to watch those extra calories!).
So now here’s your opportunity to win this fabulous Wanchai Ferry Stay at Home prize pack
All you have to do is:

  • Be a follower of my blog, and leave a comment letting me know. Keeping this fun, tell me the best Fortune you’ve ever gotten out of a fortune cookie!
  • Tweet about this giveaway including me @DomesticDebacle in the Tweet, and leave the link below.
  • Blog about this giveaway, including the link to this post! Once you’re finished, leave a comment.

I look forward to reading your comments, and good luck!

Deadline is Thursday, September 10th!


The breakup letter…

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Hi All! I need your opinion on the letter I’ll be sending my doctor- be sure to leave your two cents in my comment section!

Dear Doctor Quack,
It’s hard to say this, but it’s not me, it’s you. You see, this simply isn’t working out anymore.
When I first came to see you, it was all smiles. You confirmed that I was ‘hot’ as in fever and gave me the bogus diagnosis of ‘FUO‘. You prescribed some heavy-duty antibiotics, and sent me on my way.
To me, it felt like you weren’t interested in getting to know the ‘real me’.
The second time I came to see you with my new affliction, you wanted to keep me in the dark. You gave me the right medication, just not nearly enough to treat the problem.
This time, I felt like you wanted me to stay clueless.
And now, well I need to tell you, that I’m young. And I’ve been seeing someone else. Someone new, and older. He is more experienced than you too. So yes, the rumors are true. The thing is, that I just don’t trust you anymore, and I feel that it’s the best for both of us if I move on.
Don’t worry, there will be others after me. Hopefully you won’t inflict the same pain and anguish you’ve dealt me.
This all could have been so different. If you would have only answered my calls instead of just having ‘your minions’ answer for you.
Trust me, this hurts me so much worse than it will you. But, now that things involve my daughter, I have to break it off. She will always come first to me.
I’ve been told by family, friends, nurses and doctors that you were bad for me, but I didn’t want to listen. But I have to now. It’s for my health.
I’m not sure what it is that attracts me to the ‘bad apples’, and you seemed so nice in the beginning. And trust me, I have learned so much about myself and you during this whole ordeal.

It’s time for me to go, DOOTY calls.

Hope I DON’T see you around,

The Debacler

(names have been changed to protect the innocent, and shame the guilty)


Sick & Still Glamorous!

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Okay, so not *really* glamorous, but you get the point.

Have you been wondering where I’ve been lately? ‘Cause I sure have!

I’ve been sick. Really sick. Not your average run-of-the-mill sick here. But, at least when I get sick, I never go halfway! Can I get an AMEN? ::crickets:: Hmph.

As some of you may know from other various social networks, I had a fever for about 12 days (in total). Hubs convinces me at around day 7 that I need to see a doc, and does so by sneaking me Swine Flu articles. Cute huh? Well, I go in and the doc says I have F.U.O. What is F.U.O. you ask? Well, it’s short for Fever of Unknown Origin. Catchy, don’tchathink? Me, hm, not so much.

Now, If you’re squeemish and don’t want to be subsequently grossed out, or just aren’t interested in knowing T.M.I. (that’s too much information in case you’re not up with the lingo- I certainly wasn’t) go ahead and stop reading HERE. If you’re the brave-of-heart, I thank you and ask you to please continue…

So, I begrudgingly take the anti-biotic the doc prescribes to treat my F.U.O. No tests, no listening. Just ‘here’s the diagnosis, and here’s your drugs, now be on your way’! Not cool.

So a few days later, some new -ahem- symptoms arise. I have diarreah. Bad to the point where I’m in the bathroom with my Catholic prayerbook crossing myself on the toilet like the fledgling little Catholic that I am thinking about I’m about to die- diarreah.

Then, the blood comes. And it’s a lot. So, hubs offers up some immodium. I read the back of the box and it says ‘seek medical attention if you’re bleeding from places you shouldn’t be’. Awesome.

Conveniently, we have an Urgent Care (like an after hours doctor’s office) that I can see from my front door. I haul myself over there and sign in:

Name: Katie

Symptoms: Fever for 12 days and bleeding from places I shouldn’t be bleeding from.

The look on the nurse’s face was priceless. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone in the medical profession move so quickly!

There was a line of patients ahead of me, but I guess bleedin‘ from your butt gets you the Urgent Care version of Disney’s fastpass.

I’m ushered into the back to STAND in the hallway to talk to the doctor and nurse. They both inform me that they won’t even see me because of my symptoms and tell me to go straight to the ER as she thinks I might have Crohn’s Disease. Um, excuse me?

So I do what any good patient would do. I go home and Google Crohn’s disease. Screw the ER, I am not going at this point. I call my ‘doc on call’ instead and explained to him what was going on. He told me to immediately throw the antibiotic away, as it might be irritating my bowels. DUH! Then I was instructed to call in the morning to get some tests done and be seen again- but the only person available was the first doc who gave me the antibiotic. Good times!

So I follow instructions -yet again- and come in at 9:45am. Not a minute sooner though, because hubs somehow forgot where our doctor’s office was and drove right past it. Good thing I’m the navigator- and yell at him to turn around. How you get lost on a cul de sac is BEYOND me.

Well, I get in to see the doc immediately and apprise the medical staff of my new digestive events! He comes to the conclusion that I have C. Diff. (which was confirmed by a test) and to NOT Google it. Who does this doc think he is, telling a blogger to not Google something that she has? He writes me some prescriptions and send me on my way, no instructions, nothing. No, take some pro biotics ’cause it can help (I found that on the world wide web).


I head to my favorite pharmacy and then come home to Google C. Diff. (did I mention that I don’t listen well?).

It’s some SCARY CRAP (pun intended!)!! Here’s what the Mayo Clinic says about it: C. Diff.

And I have the NASTIEST symptoms you can imagine. In case you didn’t know enough about me, you certainly do now.

Oh, and I first had to hand write this post, because I couldn’t sit up due to the intense pain this stuff causes. I’m certainly not enjoying myself.

But then again, that’s what I get for whining about not going to BlogHer 2009 (shout out to my #Blogherrejects!). If I would have gone, I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself anyways.


Check it out!

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Mommin it up! Is giving away Lands End gift certificates! It just shows you how much they rawk!