The Great Bottle and Baby Shower Debacle

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So readers, I (well, a friend) need some advice!

My good friend A, is having her third baby (a girl!). I am RIDICULOUSLY excited for her and her family! I’m in the process of getting a baby shower together for her, and it’s been awhile since I’ve had to buy any “baby stuff” so I need as much advice as I can get.

Last night she and I were chatting: and she brought up something. This is her third baby, but it’s been a very. long. time. since she’s had to buy any bottles. The last bottles she bought were those Doctor Brown ones, but she feels that they were really complicated to put together. This woman is a working-outside-of-the-home super mom who really needs your input. I told her that I would ask my dear readers, knowing y’all are new baby experts!

So please, please, please leave a comment below with your bottle recommendation (and why!) and any other good advice for a friend who is about to throw a baby shower!