Green BEAN Delivery- Organic groceries delivered to your door, with promo code!

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Recently my family and I were given the opportunity to review a Green BEAN Delivery Box. Green BEAN Delivery is a year-round food delivery service brings the freshest local & organic produce and natural groceries right to your doorstep. Currently running in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri; you’re able to receive delicious groceries at a very reasonable price! This is where I give you the whole “Not only am I a spokesperson, I’m also a client” song and dance. Seriously, after trying the delivery service once we fell in love. It cuts down our time at the grocery store, and there’s no questioning what is or isn’t organic. I’m also not spending my time rummaging through grocery store bins looking for the freshest produce. My Green BEAN Delivery Box GUARANTEES …Continue Reading…


Frozen Giveaway!

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I am so excited to announce that I am a participating sponsor of this great FROZEN giveaway! My family and I are HUGE FROZEN fans, and cannot wait for our video to arrive! If you haven’t seen FROZEN yet, it’s a great film with an incredible story about sisterhood, friendship, and love. It’s not your typical “Disney Princess in Distress” story, and that’s what makes it fantastic!

Included in the giveaway is: …Continue Reading…


WDTN’s Living Dayton Segment from 3/14/14: Organic Packed Lunches

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Here’s my Living Dayton (WDTN Channel 2) segment from Friday, March 14th! There wasn’t enough time to mention where I get my organic groceries from, but you can see the bin to my right. I’ll have a review and discount code up of tomorrow for you all!


Wordless Wednesday: Me

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Mary Kay National Makeover Day on Saturday, March 8th

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With this never-ending winter there has never been a better time to celebrate International Women’s Day by learning pro application techniques, getting a gorgeous new look and having fun with color!

To showcase Mary Kay’s vast array color collection, Mary Kay Celebrity Makeup artist Virginia Linzee created “Delicate Details” – one of two looks that will be showcased on Saturday, March 8th. Inspired by 2014 runway fashion, this look brings “runway to reality” and teaches women how to fearlessly wear red (my favorite color)! With the goal of beating our record of 44,000 makeovers in a day, Mary Kay Makeover Day gives women everywhere the opportunity to get a free makeover. To find a local makeover event, all women need to do is click here for COLOR!

For a sneak peak of “Delicate Details,” see below …Continue Reading…