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Thank you so much for your interest in working with! The site sees hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. I love working with businesses, big and small to help promote their services, goods and events to my fantastic readers. Due to a limited schedule, I unfortunately cannot accept every pitch or product.

Personal Stats:

  • 30 years old
  • Mother of a 8 year-old daughter (second grader)
  • Married to a techie-applications security officer at a billion dollar company in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Lives in Dayton, Ohio

Quick Website stats (as of 5/01/13):

  • Runs a private blogger group consisting of 65+ bloggers of varying niches in the tri-state area (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana)
  • 6 years of professional blogging
  • Regular with a live segment on the 12 o’clock news “Living Dayton” with 10,000 viewers
  • Between 33,000-40,000 visitors per month
  • Over 55,000 subscribers
  • Over 4,900 Twitter followers
  • Over 1250 Facebook Fans

Here are the current advertising options for (if you have another idea, I’d be happy to chat with you about it):

Advertorials and Press Releases: Occasionally companies are interested in sharing specific information to my audience to help with their SEO. I am happy to post the information that you provide, or write one of my own (with your prompts provided). Rates start out at $75 and vary depending upon the project.

Brand Ambassadorships: I have worked on several occasions with companies long term and short term in the aspect of representing their company online and off. Long term ambassadorships have included Ragu and Kleenex. I absolutely love ambassadorships because of the relationship it builds with the product(s) and my readers! Please include me on any list regarding the outreach of brand ambassadorships!

Banner and Text ads: Please email me for current rates. I typically restrict ads on my site so your ad will be the only one “front and center”!

Trips: I love traveling! I am fairly flexible in this department, and would love to chat with you about any options available.

Sponsorship: I am always seeking sponsorship to several conferences throughout the year. If you’re interested in sponsorship, please contact me for available packages.

Network: I am happy to pass along any information to other bloggers. Currently, I run a group with bloggers in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. If you’re interested in working with other bloggers in my network, please feel free to reach out.

Reviews and Giveaways: I’ll review almost anything so just ask! I love high quality items that are made in the USA (but that’s not a requirement to get reviewed).  Any product that is new, unique, and innovative is fair game.  Cleaning items, tech gadgets, specialty services or membership, clothes, beauty related items, storage, decor, food, automobile, vacation & recreation locations or services are a plus. I also have mandatory FTC disclosure on every review post. Reviews typically take 4-5 weeks, but if you have a specific deadline, I’d be happy to accommodate you. Giveaways are along the same lines, the same product should be provided for review before the giveaway has begun- all giveaway values must equal or exceed $50. It will be promoted on all aspects of Social Media that is connected to I do not do giveaways or reviews without first trying a product.

You can also find me on:

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to speaking with you!