And the Yoplait Whips Frozen Prize pack giveaway is:

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Jennifer Young!
Congrats, and let me know what you think of the Yoplait Whips, frozen!

YoPlait Whips Giveaway!!

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Hi everyone! I was recently given the opportunity to review Yoplait Whips (from my good friends at My Blog Spark)- FROZEN!
What makes this so AWESOME?
Well, it satisfied my craving for ice cream while keepin’ it healthy!

How many products can say they do that?

They come in all of these fantastic flavors:Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, Dulce de Leche, Key Lime Pie, Lemon Meringue, Orange Crème, Peaches ‘N Cream, Raspberry Mousse , Strawberry Mist!

All of them are loaded with vitamin D!

So here’s what I did: I stuck my Yoplait Whips in the freezer, and waited until they were frozen solid. I took it out, and let it sit on the counter for about 7 minutes (softens it enough to get your spoon through) and dug in.

It was like heaven in a cup- without any guilt! You have portion control with the sweetness of ice cream with the added benefit of vitamin D!

Now, here’s your opportunity to WIN this sweet Yoplait Whips PRIZE PACK!

All you have to do is:

  • Leave a comment telling me which flavor of Yoplait Whips you would like to try frozen! I tried the Strawberry Mist. Yum!
  • Be a follower of my blog.
  • Tweet about it, and include me @DomesticDebacle in the Tweet
  • Blog about this giveaway and link back to this post


But it doesn’t end there! Yoplait Whips are also giving my readers a $0.60 coupon when you purchase any three cups of Yoplait Whips! Click HERE to get yours!

AND right now, new members who sign-up to become subscribers of Betty Crocker’s newsletter, will receive a free coupon for Yoplait Whips! Click HERE to join.

What more could you ask for?
Good luck!
*This giveaway will end on Saturday, September 19th

Hello, my name is _____ and I’m a Power Shelf addict.

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Yes, I left the name blank. Why? Because after getting your hands on the Power Shelf, you’ll be filling it in with your own. And you’ll do it with pride.
I first came along the Power Shelf on Twitter, through it’s inventor extraordinaire, Lynn Fetzer-Westmeister. Knowing that my hubby J is a techie, I am always looking for something new to help us organize our electronics, and just looking at their site made me think it could work for us. Problem is, J does NOT get excited over anything. Nor does anything impress him. Ever. After explaining this to Lynn, she said she could change his mind. And she sure did. Lynn kindly sent our family, The Original Power Shelf, to give it a try.
I installed it myself, to surprise J when he got home from work. The installation is super simple. All you need is a screwdriver. It’s literally removing the screw, taking off the original face plate, and putting The Original Power Shelf into place with your existing screw. I decided to put ours next to our coffee maker, so when J makes his coffee in the morning, he can also access his cell phone, already charged. And the best part? Not fighting for counter space, and not having any crazy wires to fight with.
How nice does this look?

I know, I loved it. And when J got home, he loved it too. He wanted one for work, for the bathroom, and basically anything that has an outlet, he wanted one for.
So I got back into contact with my new friend Lynn, and got the Mega Power Shelf for J’s razor set in our bathroom:Yes, that does mean I get the extra counter space!! What woman couldn’t use more counter space in the bathroom?
So I got J surfing the Power Shelf site, and he fell head over heels with this gem:
That’s right. It’s his laptop. And it’s not on the floor, and it’s not taking up space on our coffee table. The power cord is neatly wrapped up, and out of the way. Can you say “sigh of relief”? I can now, that’s for sure!
And see all the red crayon? Yeah, M decided it needed a “mooral around the new Power Shelf thingy”.
With the Power Shelf in our lives now, it’s solved so many Domestic Debacles, I can’t even count. I don’t get upset at J anymore for leaving his razor out taking much needed bathroom counter space, and I’m not constantly wrapping up power cords for his cell phone. And the laptop version? It makes my living room look cleaner.
But the best part of all? It’s MADE IN AMERICA! Yes folks, right here in the USA, Power Shelf has created jobs for Americans.
So buy a Power Shelf. It will help you organize your life, and keep a job alive in the USA!
Oh- and it doesn’t end here. The inventor of the Power Shelf, Lynn would love to giveaway a Power Shelf to one of my fantastic readers!
Here’s how to enter:
  • Blog about this post, including the link here, and leave a comment
  • Tweet about this post, and include @DomesticDebacle & @Its_Lynn (creator of the Power Shelf)
  • Just leave a comment after visiting The Power Shelf site, telling us which Power Shelf you would use the most, and what you would use it for
  • For three extra entries, order a Power Shelf from Lynn, and leave your first name, last initial and state in each comment.
This contest ends on Friday, September 11Th!
I know you’ll love The Power Shelf products as much as I do, so good luck!
Also, if you buy a Power Shelf, let me know how much you like it!

Review Time! Deck of Chores…

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Recently, my family and I were given the honor to review the Deck of Chores game.
I say game because, because it makes dull, boring daily activities into something fun!

Because we are such a small family (there are three of us: J, myself and M), we chose our cards out of the deck, with the reward as one Tootsie Roll for each card completed. M chose first, and got the “Wash the car” and the “Take the garbage out” chore cards. Those were quickly passed to Daddy, as M is only 3! Next she chose “Set the table” and “Clean the windows” chore cards. Now these she can do!
So I gave her the plates, napkins and silverware to place on the table. She was so excited! No whining, no complaining!
Next she moved onto washing the windows. I sprayed the glass cleaner on the window for her, but handed her the paper towels to complete it. She did, and made sure that the entire window was clean!
M grabbed her cards, ran over to me and turned them in to redeem her reward. It was great to have her so excited, for having something physical to turn in (kinda like school work). She had a true sense of accomplishment! It’s amazing to me, that this one little card would do that for her. It was as if she had a task, and was determined to turn in her card- and not only turn it in, but turn it in completed. It makes me so happy, as her mother, to see this kind of determination come out in her.

Deck of Chores comes with 52 cards, with the chore picture and chore name printed on them. This is great, especially for those who cannot read yet. They are in bold, large letters too which is nice to also see. It even includes 4 blank cards- for parent’s choice! This I LOVE. They are so versatile! You can use these to play so many ‘chore games’. The possibilities are endless.
It’s really a parent’s dream- combining chores with FUN time.
In my opinion, this would be a great gift too. It’s small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking (yes, I am thinking of Christmas already)! They are 5.5×3.75.
Deck of chores also comes in a free-standing card holder, which is very sturdy!
You can order the Deck of Chores here. And come in at a reasonable $14.99!
Give them a try- my family and I loved them, and hope you do too!