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Interested in having your product reviewed by The Domestic Debacle?

Please take a look at these guidelines. You also might want to take a gander at my disclaimer before you contact me. Once all that’s out-of-the-way you can email me at and we’ll get started. Thanks!

Here’s what I’ll need to know:

  • What product, service, store, etc- would you like me to review? (include a link)
  • What is the monetary value of the item/service you would like me to review?
  • Will you be offering a promo code, giveaway, etc- for my readers? Giveaways attract the most attention and are my preference, but I’m open to other ideas.
  • If you are doing a giveaway, will it be open to Canadians or any other countries?
  • Please include a link to your site (and the specific product, if applicable)

What products do you review?

I’ll review almost anything so just ask! I love high quality items that are made in the USA (but that’s not a requirement to get reviewed).  Any product that is new, unique, and innovative is fair game.  Items that make my life less of a domestic debacle are always a plus (yea right, who am I kidding!); items made especially for kids, moms,  dads; tech gadgets, Internet services, speciality services or membership, clothes, food, vacation & recreation locations or services – you name it, and I’m probably into it! In my own house, I’ve got my domestic debacle self, my uber-tech geek husband, and a really smart preschooler. I’ve also got lots of people nearby with kids from 3-18 years old.

What do I need for the actual product/service review?

I need a free full or trial size sample of your product or a full membership to your service in order to do a review.  In most cases a full size sample (as opposed to a trial size) will be better because I put the item through the ringer.  In other words, I use the product was designed to be used, and then some…hey come on you don’t get called Domestic Debacle for nothin’ you know.

Will I get my product back?

Nope! Samples are non-returnable. LIke I said I put my test items through the ringer so you probably wouldn’t want them back.

When will my review be posted?

I try to post reviews within four to seven weeks after it shows up on my domestic domicile doorstep (say that ten times fast). This gives me than enough time to test the product thoroughly. Once the review is posted, I’ll send you a link to it. If you need your review to be posted within a specific time frame, just ask!

Giveaways? But of course!!

Here at Domestic Debacle we love to reward our hep cat readers with cherry product giveaways. So I strongly recommend doing a giveaway in conjunction with your review! I’m happy to host them. Giveaways are generally open for a couple weeks depending my giveaway schedule. Generally the giveaway should be of the product reviewed but it doesn’t have to be, if can be something else in your product/service line. I always review whatever I giveaway, so if you want me to do a giveaway with the review, I will need a sample for the review AND whatever you choose to giveaway.

How are winners chosen?

Winners are chosen via random number generation at, unless other arrangements are made. Each comment on the review post is automatically numbered; the number that matches the randomly generated number wins. If you have other ideas let me know.  As long as it fair and random and winner can be verified we can try it.

How do they get that cherry loot?

If you’ve sponsored a giveaway in conjunction with the review, once the winner is chosen I will let you know the winner(s)’ shipping information. The company sponsoring the giveaway is responsible for shipping their product to the winner(s). When shipping prizes to giveaway winners, awards  should be shipped within two weeks of receiving the winner(s)’ information.

What if the review turns in to a debacle?

Hey it happens sometimes! When I agree to review a product, I will post my honest opinion, even if it’s a bad review.  I will not endorse unless it works as intended and I have actually used it that way. That being said, if there is a problem with your product or it’s not working  “as advertised,” I’ll contact you and we’ll see if we can troubleshoot whatever the problem is. For the record, I will also report/review on my hands-on experience with whomever answers the service, support or tech support call.  In the rare circumstance that your product/service fails the debacle test I will let you know before I post my review.   Like everyone who reads the post, you are free to post a response or comment.

Ok, how do I get the party started?

If you are ok with my disclaimer and the term outlined above please contact me by email or twitter. My household can get pretty crazy and LOUD at time, especially if my pre-schooler “M” is in “one of her moods” (if you are not sure what “mood” I mean, click here and you will soon understand), so the phone can be hit or miss. ….thus email or direct tweet (@domesticdebacle) on Twitter will prevent a major phone debacle (if you insist on a phone call I’m sure we can work something out…but you have been warned).

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.  If you have any questions or are ready to get reviewed, CLICK HERE to use our handy-dandy form, shoot me a tweet (@domesticdebacle) or just email me ( Thanks!