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Hello, and welcome!

I’m Katie; author, owner and blogger of Domestic Debacle.

I live in the ‘burbs of Dayton, Ohio with my family (born and raised, a true home-town gal). We’re known for those bros who invented the airplane and a massive Air Force Base. We’re cool like that. We now live in the heart of Ohio, in Columbus. I’m a little mouse in a big city, but I look forward to getting to know my new town!

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I can’t cook, clean (I can totally clean almost anything now), sew and I have an unnatural love for polka dots. So hopefully you’ll get a good laugh at my attempts at being “domestic”. And I use that term loosely.Very, very loosely. I’m certainly no Martha.

In addition to blogging, somehow I find time to substitute teach pre-k and volunteer at my daughter’s school. Growing up, my ambition was to be Disney’s Snow White, without all the cooking and cleaning. Somehow I missed that train! I am now a full-service travel agent specializing in Disney vacations! If you’re interested in booking a vacation, please email me at Katie(at)DisVacations(dot)com.

I’m a wife to “J”-my chef, gamer, geek, webmaster, blog designer, information security professional and romantic that I not only love, but also like! This man wears many hats.

Mother to “M”-my wild 7 year-old Disney princess, first grader, semi-professional drummer, Monster High addict and skull collector who keeps me on my toes and makes me sleep with one eye open.

I love everything and anything Disney. Big time! J and I got married there in 2003- our wedding has been featured in several news outlets and the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2o13, 2014, 2015, and the 2016 versions of the Passporter’s guide to Disney World.

I also try to keep up with the events and discounts being offered at Disney World to help my readers save time and money. From time to time you’ll find these listed in the “Debacle on Disney” Category. If you’re here looking for Disney World trip tips, you can find those here.

Vintage “looking” clothing is something I rock. I once met Tim Gunn, and he was all like “I love your vintage dress!” and I was all like “Thanks! I bought it at Target on Monday for $20!” and then he was all like “No way!”. True story. And there’s photographic proof:



Blog Relationships:

I’ve also worked with countless brands on product reviews, giveaways, Tweet-ups, home party promotions, mom blogger night out, and retail and restaurant openings (as press and hostess).

So not only am I active on the internet (you can even find me on Facebook and Twitter)- I am also active within my community. I’m heavily involved in our church, homeless shelter, local children’s hospital, my daughter’s classroom and school, PTO, band mom, music/drum lessons, sports teams, library and various charities.

I’m all about connecting, so if you have something to say– don’t be shy!

If you’re looking for someone to handle an event, conference, interview, review, giveaway, Twitter Party or something else: I’m your gal! Fill out my contact form or email me at Katie(at)DomesticDebacle(dot)com, and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible!