DNA Testing Is a Quick and Easy Process


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There are many different reasons that a person might find themselves in need of a quick and easy reliable paternity test. Some individuals may find themselves wondering which individual actually fathered one or more of their children, while others may want to find out if they are really required by law to pay child support for a baby that their significant other is claiming they have fathered.

Due to the sensitive nature of DNA testing, some individuals may want to perform a paternity test from the privacy of their own homes instead of heading to the doctor’s office for anticipated paternity test results – learn more. Thankfully, DNA testing has come a long way in modern times, and it can now be done quickly and easily from the complete privacy of one’s own home.

Easy Four-Step Process

While someone who is not experienced with the process of obtaining paternity results may be intimidated at the thought of conducting such a test without expert help, an at-home paternity test makes the process very simple and easy. In many cases, only four steps are required in order to submit a paternity test and receive the results. Once a customer has identified a reputable home paternity test company, they will likely need to follow these steps:

1. Kit Registration: In many cases, an informational form will be made available online for customers to print and fill out from home. This form will likely require some basic identifying information and may also require some sort of serial number or other identifying number that will come with the paternity kit.
2. Collect Samples: Collecting DNA samples for at-home paternity tests is as easy as swiping a cotton swab across the inside of the cheek in most cases. Paternity tests should always come with detailed instructions that illustrate or instruct the user on how to collect a valid DNA sample.
3. Mail Samples: Most DNA kits come with pre-paid envelopes that are designed to transport the DNA sample safely to the laboratory for testing.
4. Receive and Review Results: Once the sample reaches the laboratory, paternity processing results are typically received within three to five business days. In some cases customers may be able to purchase rush processing in order to receive their test results even more quickly. Some companies may also mail a copy of the test results to the customer once testing is completed.

Thanks to modern technology, conducting an at-home paternity test is easier than ever before. Individuals who do not want others to know that they are taking a paternity test are more likely to seek paternity testing if they can do so from the privacy of their own home or office.


In addition to being very quick and easy to obtain, modern at-home paternity tests are also known for being highly accurate. Depending on the qualifications of the lab that does the paternity testing, results can be as accurate as 99.999%. When searching for a reputable lab to conduct paternity testing, it is recommended that individuals only trust labs that have been accredited by the AABB (formerly referred to as the American Association of Blood Banks).

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