I Want My Nerd HQ!


NerdHQ Banner

Nerd HQ, is a free four day event in San Diego offering celebrity panels, exclusive gaming and tech experiences, while raising money for Operation Smile! Spearheaded by THE Zachary Levi, the IndiGoGo campaign is to raise funds for the event to happen. There are so many ways you can be involved!

  • Tweet @ZacharyLevi and @thenerdmachine, let them know you want this con to happen! Use the hashtag #nerdhqarmy to follow the conversation
  • Donate $5 (minimum donation- you can give whatever you want!) and become part of the army! This gives you access to email list, updates, photos and videos during the planning process. You’ll also be named on the “Nerd HQ Wall of Honor” at the event and on the contributor page.
  • Visit www.thenerdmachine.com and follow along there.

The fact that this event will be totally free (and awesome) and that it’s benefiting Operation Smile is the best. So head on over, donate today and be a part of this fantastic cause! Nerds Unite!

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