Frisch’s Lenten Meals and $25 Giveaway!


Frischs Haddock and chips

Lent is somewhat of a stressful season for my family. We’re Catholic, but our daughter has fish and shellfish allergies. Needless to say, we have to be picky about where we eat out. It’s tough to find a Lent friendly restaurant that also caters to my daughter’s food allergies.

My family and I are very fortunate to live near a Frisch’s. They offer great Lenten meals with and without fish. For those who can eat what’s under the sea, each year Frisch’s Big Boy develops new Lenten menu items and often features a special type of fish for a limited time. This year Haddock ‘n Hush Puppies, tender, breaded fillets of haddock served with crispy hush puppies returns just in time. Frisch’s Fish Sandwich has a 64-year history as one of the region’s very best fish sandwiches. Each Sandwich is a whole Cod loin fillets, hand-cut, hand-breaded and golden fried. It is served on a toasted white or rye bun or rye bread (your choice, of course), with lettuce and our own famous tartar sauce. It’s the number 2 choice for restaurant goers, first place going to the oh-so-loved but so-not-okay-for-Lent Big Boy. If laid end-to-end, that amount of fish fillets would stretch across the length of nearly 25,000 football fields. That’s a lot of fish!

Frischs Grilled Cheese

For those of us with the allergies, or who just aren’t fans of fish, you have the delicious grilled cheese sandwich made on Frisch’s homemade bread (my personal Lenten favorite), soup (try the wedding soup, it’s delicious), salad, and fruit bar, and macaroni and cheese!

And now  for the giveaway! One winner (US only) will be chosen on 4/11/14. Just enter through the rafflecopter posted below! Thank you for being a domesticdebacle.com reader, and good luck!
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