Green BEAN Delivery- Organic groceries delivered to your door, with promo code!



Recently my family and I were given the opportunity to review a Green BEAN Delivery Box. Green BEAN Delivery is a year-round food delivery service brings the freshest local & organic produce and natural groceries right to your doorstep. Currently running in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri; you’re able to receive delicious groceries at a very reasonable price! This is where I give you the whole “Not only am I a spokesperson, I’m also a client” song and dance. Seriously, after trying the delivery service once we fell in love. It cuts down our time at the grocery store, and there’s no questioning what is or isn’t organic. I’m also not spending my time rummaging through grocery store bins looking for the freshest produce. My Green BEAN Delivery Box GUARANTEES that I get the freshest- and if I don’t, they replace it or give me a credit. There’s no risk!

Your groceries are packed in a plastic and Styrofoam reusable container with an ice pack so your groceries are also safe if they need to stay outside (like on your patio) for a few hours, eliminating that rush home.


Membership is super easy and flexible. You can customize your orders online to get exactly what you want. It’s an affordable, convenient, and fun way for the whole family to eat healthy! The small produce bin (pictured above) is only $35. I couldn’t even get all the produce in the shot- it was falling off my table! For organic, delivered to your door groceries, it’s a great deal. Plus, my daughter gets ridiculously excited for delivery day. I love that it makes her excited to eat fruits and veggies!


Thinking about trying Green BEAN Delivery? Here’s a promo code! Enter 15ddml in the coupon box on the site. It is good for $15 off your first order and expires exactly one week from this post (3/25/14). It is for new members and reactivations only.

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