Cake Hope and Love do Snow White- and learn about my #DisneySide


My favorite bakery, Cake Hope and Love in Beavercreek, OH made me a cupcake today. Special request, one of a kind!

It's mine! All mine!

It’s mine! All mine!


I love it! Everyone knows my obsession with all things Disney- especially Snow White! Here’s a little about me- I share a birthday of the re-release of Snow White in theaters in 1987, AND Disneyland’s opening day? Meant. To. Be.

But back to the cupcake- not only does it look amazing, but it TASTES amazing! The Snow White cupcake has the best buttercream frosting I’ve ever had- it’s creamy and rich- but doesn’t over power the taste of the cake. It’s a perfect balance! Both were vanilla flavored, and the perfect ending to my day.

My request came after I saw these photos of Disney Princess inspired cupcakes on their Facebook page (made for a birthday party, and taken with permission):

© Cake Hope and Love 2014

© Cake Hope and Love 2014

These would be perfect for any #DisneySide party you’re throwing- and would make a great addition to any celebration! If you’re in the Dayton, Ohio area- you must stop by!

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