How to Pack Disney Princess Costumes


It’s no secret that my family and I love Disney World, especially my daughter who is a HUGE Disney Princess fan. She always looks forward to dressing up in the parks as her favorite princesses, which means a lot of packing on my part. Disney Princess costumes are always very full (high quality!) and glittery. Those who have had the experience of being near a Disney Princess costume know how messy the glitter can become- it seems to stick to everything. Packing these dresses can become a bit of a challenge because they can take up a lot of valuable room in your luggage, and the glitter can get all over other items (my husband isn’t a fan of his clothes being covered in glitter).

I have come up with a quick and easy solution to packing those dresses! First, I use any gallon-sized storage bag. I’m using Ziploc here, but honestly any seal-able bag works. I also label the bag before starting with a Sharpie marker.

Disney Princess Packing Tutorial

Then I lay the dress on any clean, flat surface. This folding technique works with any size dress- even the large ball gowns like Belle or Merida. I’ve tried it with every one!

Fold the bottom right corner of the dress over to the left sleeve. Place your right hand in the middle of the folded dress and use your left hand to fold up the bottom left corner, straight up just past the neck-line. Then, fold the sleeves into the middle and fold the bottom over the sleeves. This prevents any major creasing or wrinkles.

Disney Princess Costume Folded

Slide the dress into the bag:

Disney Princess Packing Tutorial

Place any accessories that go with the costume on top:

Disney Princess Packing Tutorial

Press the bag to ensure the majority of the air is out. This will flatten the bag, giving you a lot more space in your luggage!

Disney princess costume packing tutorial

And here’s the final product! The costume is flat, glitter contained, and wrinkles are less likely to occur! Also, I spend a lot of money on my daughter’s costumes, and this gives me peace of mind that if our luggage is ever caught in a Florida rain storm, the satin will be protected!

Disney Princess Costume Packing Tutorial

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