It’s that time of year- Keep Your Germs, I Want To Travel!


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oof. These past two weeks have been a bit of a doozy. The kiddo has been fighting this nasty cold/virus/strep B for awhile now, and it’s finally catching up to us. The hubs (lucky dog) has been out of town for training in Fort Lauderdale, and hear him tell it, it’s paradise. He sent me pics from his adventure, and I must say, I was pretty jealous, but also happy for him to be able to experience it.

Here are pictures:


Yeah, I was jealous, but in a totally good way.



Look at those floors. LOOK AT THEM!


M and I try to go with him when he heads out of town, but with her being sick, there was no way we were going to hop on a plane. You’re welcome, healthy people! But interesting thing happened while he was gone, kiddo was journaling. Which resulted in me having a broken heart:

Break my heart, little miss.

Break my heart, little miss.

Don’t you just love her chat boxes?

We made it through the week alive (and I’m sure with a very expensive doctor bill in the process) and the hubs is finally home.

And now, I’m fighting a sore throat. I’m just thankful that I was healthy enough to take care of the kiddo while we were by ourselves (with the help of some great friends!).

My friend Tiff brought be a couple hats (and some meds for the kiddo, not shown here)- first one shown here (the second will be saved for another post)


Me, no makeup but in a SNOW WHITE inspired hat! LOVE


Girly knows me, because I cannot RESIST anything Snow White! She’s crazy talented, and I am so thankful for her friendship. And my friend Tallise, who knows how to brighten anyone’s day (through their stomach, duh!) made us an incredible Smore’s Cake.


YUM. I ate half of it on my own. What else am I supposed to do??

It was the most delicious and moist cake I’ve ever had. And we all know, chocolate can cure anything (especially the mommy home with a sick kid blues). Best. Cake. Ever. And I pretty much had it all to myself.

And now that the kiddo has been on antibiotics for a few days, we’re headed in to get her second expander put in today. Poor girl, can’t catch a break!

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