Travel Tips for Disneyland

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It’s probably safe to say that almost every child’s dream is to visit the magical world of Disneyland. From watching stunning shows and colorful parades to enjoying the exciting rides and meeting your favorite Disney characters, it’s no surprise that visiting Disneyland is also many adults’ idea of a great vacation too.

If you’re a Disney-fanatic just like me, then you’re probably eager to take the family on a trip of a lifetime. But this magical experience doesn’t come cheap so it’s certainly worth keeping your eyes peeled for any Disney offers and discounts. You might spot one in a brochure, on the TV or even online when you’re playing foxybingo . Here’s a few travel tips for surviving Disney with the family.

Before heading to the park, make sure the whole family has applied sunscreen and has plenty of water in their bag. Items like this are pricey once you’re in the park.
It’s worth checking the age and height requirements of particular rides – the last thing you want is to get your child excited for a cool ride, only to discover they’re too small or too old for it.

Once you’re inside the park, grab a few maps and arrange an emergency meet up area just in case you’re separated. Then study the calendar and see what time the parades, live entertainment and fireworks are on. This will help you make the most of the day.

The ‘rider swap’ initiative is certainly worth taking up if you have a child who is too small to ride. It works like this: the whole family queues up for the ride together. When they approach the ride, one parent rides with their older child while the other parent looks after the little one. Once the ride has finished, the parents have the chance to do the ‘rider swap’. They switch places so the other parent has a chance to ride while the other one waits.

If you want to make the most of the day, get to the park as early as possible. Bare in mind that the Animal Kingdom theme park at Disney World (if you’re headed there too) closes early.

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