Blogging at RoadTrip ’13 today


RoadTrip with Passion

You’d think it would be hard to write about something that hasn’t happened yet. But in this case, there is so much anticipation! I liken it to being pregnant. You try to do all the right things, eat the right foods, get the best care, but you’re still not sure HOW it’s going to turn out.

I won’t lie, there has been some severe sleepless nights. And when there has been sleep, it’s been full of nightmares with empty round tables with LIFE cereal boxes (don’t ask). But I know that with all of this passion, and all of this work, we are going to put together RoadTrip 2013. It really is our baby, even if it’s our brain child.

Our passion is putting together a great group of speakers (experts in their fields) that we will all learn SO much from. We want to bring you the best of everything. The best in technology, the best in branding information, the best in social media and the best in blogging. Whether you’re in PR, marketing, a business owner,  a blogger, a hobbyist (or you’re all of the above) we are going to have… CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article.


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