A new (and better) start in Life


*Disclosure: This post contains a sponsored link. However, the story is mine, and all thoughts are my own.

So many (GOOD) things have been happening to our family lately. I’m sitting here, in somewhat of a disbelief.

I’m off my crutches and able to drive again, which is a huge blessing. I really took walking for granted. With both my right leg and ankle being broken, I had to rely on so many others, which isn’t my strong suit. But, I have so many fantastic friends in my life, I never missed a beat. I did however, gain several pounds from not moving as much. Thankfully, those seem to be dropping pretty quickly since being able to get out on my own again. I found out that I didn’t get the teaching position I was hoping for- but it turned out to be a blessing- as I’m still blogging here and with FTT working on their social media and customer service departments at home, and have joined the team at Road Trip ’13 to get the conference rolling. I’m totally in love with what I’m doing!


J finally left his job for an amazing new career with a fantastic company that values his skills. It’s so nice to have my husband come home from work in a GREAT mood. So many things were lifted off his shoulders when he gave his notice. I am so proud of him for being such an upstanding person, and doing everything he could to get the rest of his team trained before his final day. J’s new job in Cincinnati (about a 45 minute drive from us) has already changed our lives significantly. Our insurance is better, as is the pay. In the first week of his job, they announced that he is going to be receiving quite a bit of training! I can’t tell you how excited I was to find Discounts on Vistaprint Products to get everything he needed for his new job (or as we like to call it, adventure!) to fit our budget.

Speaking of budget, we changed some things around a bit, and were finally able to afford another car! It’s new to us, and we love it. It’s primarily J’s car, but it’s fun to ride around in on the weekends. We call it: Ed.


M ended her first grade year on a super-high note with a great report card. She has improved so much in the final quarter. Her academics were near-perfect, and she was essentially “released” from her behavioral plan. Her teacher thinks she’ll really mature over the summer, as she nears 8. his was such a major stress in my life. I just couldn’t convince myself enough that her behavior wasn’t an example of my parenting, no matter how many times her teacher told me that M was making the decision to act the way she did. I always worried what note I would receive in her book bag at the end of the day. But now, we tossed the book bag and are working more on authority and being quiet when asked at home. We’re hoping for an even better start to 2nd grade in a few short months.


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