The time I accidentally sent my daughter to school with an adult beverage.


While y’all good moms are over there baking cookies and putting together cute gift baskets for your child’s teacher- I’m the mom who’s sending in adult beverage sets to celebrate the end of the year.


Because if I was with 24 kids, all day and all year long I’d like a drink or two too. How about you?

BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, I never intended to send my daughter to school with a book bag full of an adult beverage mix. I had it all together, wrapped nicely and stuck inside of a blue opaque pitcher with some cute outdoorsy cups and in that shrink-wrap gift basket plastic you blow-dry to seal.

FYI- my spell check does NOT go all ape-shit on the word “outdoorsy”. That’s pretty awesome in my opinion.

I was totally planning on bringing in the little gift set for my daughter’s teacher on the last day of school AFTER the bell had rung. But since I bought the set early, and silly me had left it in our entry way, M thought it was a good idea to go ahead and take it to school Tuesday morning without asking her father and I first. Well, she did ask her father, and he said “whatever mom said” and since I was sleeping in, no one wanted to wake me up. So she went on to school carrying an adult drink wrapped as a cute little outdoor pitcher gift set.

So she came home from school proud as a peacock that her teacher LOVED her gift. Score! So I asked her how she handled the pitcher, and she said that “her teacher had to run it out to her car, but it was cool, mom”. Good thing the kiddo had NO idea what was in the pitcher!

I spoke to the teacher on the last day of school, which was when I was planning on coming in anyway, and profusely apologized for accidentally letting my kid bringing it in. She did at least say she was looking forward to breaking it open, so there’s that. heh.

It’s one of those OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I SENT MY 1ST GRADER TO SCHOOL WITH AN ADULT BEVERAGE MIX moments. And it will NEVER, EVER happen again. Lesson learned folks! Hide all gifts until YOU want them brought into school.


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