Chelby Kosto: Irresponsible Dayton Reporter Supports Local Rapist.


As my readers have seen recently, I’ve been covering the issue along with Buckeye Firearms, about our local media and their love-affair with a rapist in our community who has been organizing several anti-gun protests.

Last weekend, another protest was organized by Jerome McCorry, founder of the Adam Project and Ceasefire Dayton. He’s also a convicted rapist:

It was again left out of ABC 22/45’s report (they were giving him free press to bring people out to support the protest). So, I Tweeted to the “reporter” Chelby Kosto asking her to add the fact that he was a rapist to the story:

As a woman, mother, substitute teacher in the Dayton area, this scares me. The whole story should be reported. It’s called responsible journalism. While someone is not their past, RAPE is one of the most violent crimes. In this case, a rapist’s past IS relevant for the conversation. Women protect themselves with firearms against people like him. If women were unarmed, it would make the rapist a lot safer. Simple logic, right?

Here’s Chelby Kosto’s thought:

How does this have nothing to do with his past?HE IS A RAPIST.A VIOLENT OFFENDER.

Now Chelby Kosto is giving him a platform on TV to spread his anti-gun message, and defending his right to do so. And you know, I have no problem with him sharing his opinion. He does have that right. BUT, his opinion is better expressed at the voting polls. Giving false and incomplete information by our media is dangerous, and very much fits the “war on women” bill.

I encourage everyone to reach out to Chelby Kosto, and the news station, on their Facebook and Twitter. DEMAND that we are given the whole story. The public deserves it!

As always: be aware, be informed, and be safe.


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