Frisch’s $25 Gift Card Giveaway and FREE Big Boy on May 3

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Frisch’s holds a special place in my heart, so when they recently reached out to me to host a giveaway, I jumped at the chance.While they are providing me with a promotional item to spread the word, it doesn’t change my opinion of them (my way of giving you the disclosure, but it’s a little sappy too).

As a kid, it was an oasis of sorts with one of my favorite relatives. We would go almost every Sunday and order the same thing: a Big Boy, fries and a vanilla Coke.

It’s funny, because now I get the warm fuzzies going there with my daughter. She loves Frisch’s (she actually calls it “Buddy’s”, which is the cutest thing EVER).

So on May 3rd, it’s only appropriate that we celebrate Dave Frisch’s birthday, otherwise known as Founder’s Day! It’s kinda my personal way to say “Thanks for the memories (and good food), Dave!”


What’s even better, is that Frisch’s wants to spend this special day with ALL of us! Visit any Frisch’s on May 3rd dressed as Big Boy and you’ll receive a FREE Big Boy! You can create your own costume or “check” out a free printable costume here. If you want to jump in on the conversation, follow the hashtag on Twitter: #FrischsFoundersDay or join the event on Facebook– you can even invite your friends.

And now for the giveaway! You can win a Frisch’s $25 gift card, by commenting below- What’s your favorite menu item at Frisch’s?

Winner will be chosen by Random.org on Thursday, April 25th at 10:00am. Good luck, and thanks for being a DomesticDebacle.com reader!



Domestic Debacle’s Recipe: Sweet and Salty Pork Roast

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If you’re a long time reader (and friend) you’re aware that I’m *trying* to learn how to cook. In fact, I’ve had several “misses” in the kitchen lately, so much so that I was banned from touching anything food related for about a month. But I thought I’d give it the good ol’ college try, and get back on the saddle. Which I’m glad that I did, because I came up with something SUPER yummy (and SUPER easy)!

So here’s my recipe for Sweet and Salty Pork Roast:

1 2-4 lb. Pork Roast

1 1 lb. Package of thinly sliced bacon

1 large bottle of bbq sauce

1 large jar of grape jelly

salt and pepper

Reynold’s Crock Pot liner (optional)

First, arrange the bacon on a cutting board, making a basket weave pattern. Lay the pork roast on one end of the bacon weave, salt and pepper to taste. Then roll the roast with the bacon, making sure that the ends are on the bottom of the roast. Place inside of crock pot (insert liner before if you choose to use it) bacon ends side down, tucking the corners underneath the roast.

In a separate bowl, mix the bbq sauce and grape jelly.

Pour the mixture over the roast, making sure to coat the entire roast. Cook on low for 4-6 hours until the roast is at least 145 degrees. The roast will be very moist and tender, so use a large spatula to remove it. Place on a cutting board, and slice!

You can serve it with or without the bacon. Some spots will be crispy and delicious. I served mine with macaroni and cheese, corn bread, and green beans. It was a HUGE hit in my house, and M (my picky eater) ate it without complaint! If you give it a try, let me know what you think.


Wordless Wednesday: All about the music

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Chelby Kosto: Irresponsible Dayton Reporter Supports Local Rapist.

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As my readers have seen recently, I’ve been covering the issue along with Buckeye Firearms, about our local media and their love-affair with a rapist in our community who has been organizing several anti-gun protests.

Last weekend, another protest was organized by Jerome McCorry, founder of the Adam Project and Ceasefire Dayton. He’s also a convicted rapist:

It was again left out of ABC 22/45’s report (they were giving him free press to bring people out to support the protest). So, I Tweeted to the “reporter” Chelby Kosto asking her to add the fact that he was a rapist to the story:

As a woman, mother, substitute teacher in the Dayton area, this scares me. The whole story should be reported. It’s called responsible journalism. While someone is not their past, RAPE is one of the most violent crimes. In this case, a rapist’s past IS relevant for the conversation. Women protect themselves with firearms against people like him. If women were unarmed, it would make the rapist a lot safer. Simple logic, right?

Here’s Chelby Kosto’s thought:

How does this have nothing to do with his past?HE IS A RAPIST.A VIOLENT OFFENDER.

Now Chelby Kosto is giving him a platform on TV to spread his anti-gun message, and defending his right to do so. And you know, I have no problem with him sharing his opinion. He does have that right. BUT, his opinion is better expressed at the voting polls. Giving false and incomplete information by our media is dangerous, and very much fits the “war on women” bill.

I encourage everyone to reach out to Chelby Kosto, and the news station, on their Facebook and Twitter. DEMAND that we are given the whole story. The public deserves it!

As always: be aware, be informed, and be safe.



Kids Bowl Free is BACK!

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*Disclosure: I was asked to provide information in exchange for a family pass. My family and I really do do this every year though!


Every summer, my family and I look forward to Kids Bowl Free at our local bowling alley! It’s a great activity to get the whole family out of the house and interacting with each other. And it’s a family-friendly activity that almost anyone can participate in (except for newborns, newborns get to watch, not bowl). With Kids Bowl Free, all registered kids receive 2 free games of bowling every day, all summer long! This generous offer is worth over $500, but offered to kids for free. Over 5.2 million kids have participated so far thanks to bowling centers, schools, and other community organizations! Kids Bowl Free gives back to the community and provides a safe, secure, and fun way for kids to spend time this summer. Family packs (which include the adults)  for the whole summer start out at only $24.95 and are totally worth it! If you want to register, or more info click here.