Oh yeah, it’s broken.


“Oh yeah, it’s broken”

The words, straight from the ER doc’s mouth.

As it turns out, I am NOT cut out for physical activity.

On Tuesday, I went to a self-defense class held at an affiliate Taekwondo studio. Needless to say, it was disastrous. The class started out great, I had friends come and even one of my bosses was there to assist in the training. I was SO excited, because I had wanted to take a Taekwondo class for ages. We were given a quick run-down of what to expect, and then were asked to get into groups so we could start. I was 4th in line to do some kicking (in 10 seconds we were to kick the instructor’s padded board thingy as many times and as hard as we could). I was doing a great  job (or so I thought) and the instructor told me to kick

I did.

I put my right foot down (the kicking foot),

and down I went right on top of it.

I saw nothing but white. The pain was the most awful thing I’ve ever experienced, worse than labor. I knew something was wrong, but wanted to wait until J got there- but then started to feel like I was going to pass out.

So they called the ambulance. The paramedics were the NICEST people ever. We chatted the whole way to keep my mind off the pain.

We got in, and I was crying like a baby. The ER crew was awesome though, and moved quicker than lightening. I had x-rays and had seen a doc within 45 minutes. I think that’s come kind of record!

The x-rays showed that I had fractured my ankle, but the ER doc was not a specialist, so he referred me to another hospital and an ortho from a local university.

The ortho translated the x-ray for us: I chipped the bottom of my tibia and fractured my ankle. Here’s the copy they gave me:

I really have no idea how they tell anything from these things.

Because of where the break/fracture is the ortho said nothing could be done so I was put into a boot, given some crutches, given directions to stay off of it for a few weeks and sent on my way. I can’t drive which totally stinks and am having a pretty rough time with stairs.

This is where I was yesterday. The swelling has gone down quite a bit, but it still hurts like a mo-fo! This morning, I woke up to my foot black, blue and red all over. It’s pretty gross, so I’ll spare you the picture of that. I just hope and pray that I heal quicker than what they expect me to! My sweet husband has be doing my job and his, and I appreciate him so much! I am so blessed to have him take care of me like he has. So if I’m a little behind on things, that’s why. I’m pretty much stuck on the couch resting!

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