Kids: They know how to get under your skin especially picky eaters.


My daughter is a picky eater. Not your run-of-the-mill “eats only chicken nuggets” picky eater, but the “”I’m going to taste everything then spit it out picky eater. This morning was a nightmare for me. First, a little back-story:

I am a terrible cook. I never learned how to cook when I was younger, and my husband has tried for years to teach me. But I keep having debacles in the kitchen, so my kitchen confidence is at an all-time low.

This added to the fact that my daughter hates to eat, gives me a bit of a “complex”. I’m neurotic, I’ll totally admit that, but when you have a little one who is constantly telling you how BAD everything is you start believing it.

Last night, my husband made chicken parmesean from scratch. It was amazing. Nearly every bite M took, she complained about or spit it out. She mostly uses the excuse “there’s fat on it”. Which we knew wasn’t the case, it was just smothered in cheese. Apparently, she can’t handle that. So we told her to go to bed. We weren’t putting up with this anymore.

Fast forward to this morning:

So this morning (a snow/ice day) M stayed home from school. I thought it would be nice if I made scrambled eggs and toast for a little brunch. As I’m making the eggs, M comes over and says “I hope you aren’t going to give them to me like that”. Uh, no. Wasn’t planning on serving them raw. Justsayin.

So she goes off to do whatever 7 year-olds do while their mom is screwing up breakfast, and I call her back in to place her plate in front of her.

And her response?


Whoa there nelly,

1) Didn’t ask your opinion on what I was going to put in front of you because you can’t have eggs without toast. Sorry, it’s like a hotdog and mustard. You just don’t do it.

2) Every time I make eggs, you steal some of mine.

So she did the logical thing. Took two bites and declared she was full.

I was furious. I told her no more treats (candy, chips- you know- the normal kid crack) until she could handle herself at the table for an entire week. She needs to be thankful for the meals we make her, and not spit out the food. Not only is it rude, but it’s gross!

So do you have a picky eater? How do you handle dinner time? I need all the advice I can get on this one because I’m pulling my hair out.

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