WHIO-TV is at it again- Deleting Comments and Cyber Stalking to Protect Rapist


I’ll be honest. I’m completely confused by WHIO’s recent actions. They aren’t answering any of my questions, and I’ve reached out several times. My previous post about this subject reached over 35,000 people and has been covered on countless blogs- so I feel that some updates are needed. A few days ago, Chad D. Baus of BuckeyeFirearms.org reached out to our local Sheriff to confirm his involvement with the Adam Project, and also confirm WHIO’s claim that convicted rapist Jerome McCorry is in fact endorsed by law enforcement. I’ll let you guess what they found. A whole lot of nothin’.

Mr. Baus heard it straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth- Sheriff Plummer removed himself from the Adam project three years ago and doesn’t support Mr. McCorry’s anti-gun message.Please take a minute to read Buckeye Firearm’s post about this.

WHIO lied again. Surprised? Not so much.

Then this afternoon, WHIO spoke out on their Facebook page when confronted with the claim that they’re deleting comments from their page about Mr.McCorry and their involvement.

So I hope you read that. They’re actually cyber-stalking their fans to confirm that they really are in their market. Disgusting. This is an issue affecting our entire nation. Shouldn’t everyone be allowed to weigh in? I’m sure they don’t delete positive comments when they’re out of their market.

What I find the worst though? Where are all the so-called “feminists”? This man was convicted of violence against a woman, WHIO-TV publicly supports him and they are silent. If this were a Republican or Conservative- WHIO-TV and every liberal female would be up in arms about it. But because it involves gun-control, they’d rather leave the victim in the cold and glorify the rapist. It’s sickening to see the liberal agenda being used to further gun-control while giving a rapist the stage.Of course a rapist doesn’t want guns- it’s going to make his crimes against women more dangerous!

Stand up for your rights. Stand up for women. Stand up for victims of rape.

Don’t stand for what WHIO-TV is doing.

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