WHIO-TV Endorses Local Rapist- the REAL War on Women




This is one of those moments, as a blogger, where you have to get “dirty” for lack of a better word. I hate bringing negativity here, but this time, I’m making an exception.

One of our news stations WHIO-TV in Dayton, Ohio ran a piece on a gun-control demonstration at a recent gun-show. You can watch the video here. The man interviewed as the “gun-control advocate” was Jerome McCorry, a “Reverend” here in Dayton who runs the Adam Project. He’s also a convicted rapist. By Ohio law, he’s a felon. And by Ohio law, he isn’t allowed to posses a firearm. This lovely tid-bit of information was brought to my attention by Buckeye Firearms.

So I called WHIO out on their Facebook page, wondering what they were thinking. I have absolutely no problem with WHIO speaking with someone who is for gun-control (I’m not for gun-control, and I’m not going to discuss that further here either, so mosey on by if you’re looking for a fight) but interviewing someone for a TV segment who is a RAPIST is not the person to talk to about taking away someone else’s rights. He’s been there, he’s done that and he got the orange jump-suit to prove it.

WHIO’s response? Well, I’ll let you read that for yourself. Fair warning: have a puke-bucket near by.

WHIO TV Dayton Ohio calls rapist’s work peaceful and non-violent

I was shocked. How could they, the media, use their bias to influence their viewership? Why is WHIO claiming that a rapist is endorsed by our local law enforcement? This brings up a whole new discussion.Are women safe in Dayton? Are the police going to take rape claims seriously, if they are known by the media to endorse rapists?

But by the time I had heard about this, Dana Loesch (an amazing, influential woman with conservative views and nearly 100,000 followers- check out her blog here) had already been all over it on Twitter.So when I joined in, WHIO took notice. And then they responded:

WHIO responds to us, by back-tracking

I wonder if WHIO thinks that his message was peaceful and harmonious when he was raping his defenseless victim?

And you know, my title is also a little biased on this one. Dayton Daily News and WKEF ABC22 FOX45 also interviewed this man, and failed to disclose his background. They all had a hand in this. Not one of them has made a statement.

Simply put, gun control is not about reducing violence. It’s about control. Just like rape isn’t about sex. It’s about control. Which makes sense for Jerome McCorry, a rapist, to be advocating for gun control. It’s up to our media how they portray an individual.

I just ask you, my reader to think of it like this: If this man was your daughter’s rapist, would you be happy to hear how he is portrayed in the media? I’m guessing not.

*This is now been covered by Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy.com outlet.

*This has also been covered by Politichicks.tv.

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