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I have to admit, I’m a total makeup junkie. Over the past year, I’ve fallen in love with more and more Mary Kay products, that I outgrew my little travel case. I was at a loss as to how I should store my makeup. If you do a search on the internet, you’ll be overwhelmed with over 2,650,000 results. Not only that, but makeup organizers can cost you HUNDREDS of dollars and are really only good for that purpose. In my effort to be a little more organized and “thrifty” in 2013, I came up with an idea that not only works brilliantly, but is also super inexpensive. So, without further ado- I introduce you to my make up organizer, the Flambeau Tackle T4 Multi-Loader Tackle Box (I’m a big fan of Flambeau– they’ve got a great small range bag if you’re in the market for one). I paid $28.99 at Wal-Mart, but you can also order it through Amazon.

It’s small (12” H x 13.7” W x 10.7”)- but the storage it offers is smart. To tell you the truth, my husband thought I was a little bonkers with this purchase. I was in Wal-Mart going through all the tackle boxes they had trying to fit my lipstick in each case until I found THE box. He thought it was pretty funny, but as soon as I started filling it he could see where I was going with my vision.

So here’s the start- my tacklebox makeup organizer has a nice see-through top compartment that fits my samples, eye pencil sharpeners, special-edition blushes and Mary Kay Nourishine lip glosses easily!

Then you open the top lid, and you’ve got a ton of shelf-space for some of your odd-shaped makeup, like your gel eyeliners, compact, nail polishes and mineral foundation. The area is the back is very deep, and it’s where I keep my compact pros (eye shadows and blushes), makeup brushes (in the black fabric roll) and lip box.

The lip box (Or what I refer to as the lip box, is actually supposed to be used for large lures. I thought that was funny.) is one of my favorite customizable features. The tackle box actually came with this insert, and the little blue dividers.

Then you’ve got your front compartment. It came with two slide out boxes and small dividers. There’s also a compartment area to the left- I’ve used it to store my extra dividers and larger lip-color samples.

This by far has to be my favorite way of storing my tweezers, brow liners, brow gels, Mary Kay eyeliners, eye primers and mascaras.

So there you have it! My inexpensive and easy way to store your makeup.

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