Looking your best with Abreva, and an Amazon giveaway!


If you’re like me (or the other 80 million Americans), around the holidays I break out with terrible cold sores. They’re the absolute worst, and super hard to cover up with makeup. I find myself covering up my face when talking to my guests when I’m having an outbreak. It makes me miserable!

But this normally only happens when I run out of Abreva, the awesome Cold Sore Remedy that literally erases away the cold sore and soothes the pain brought on by it. I love how well it works, and how it gives me my confidence back to put my best face forward. As a huge plus, Abreva is the only over-the-counter cold sore remedy that’s approved by the FDA and is clinically proven to shorten the life of a cold sore. Abreva also helps block the virus from spreading to healthy cells. Abreva speeds healing like a prescription but without one. Basically, it can shorten the healing time of your cold sore much like a prescription would, but without the hassle of a prescription. Apply Abreva directly to your cold sore at the first sign of a tingle, redness, bump or itch for best results.  Abreva is recommended for adults and children 12 years and over, and should be used exactly as directed: five times a day until your cold sore is healed, for a maximum of 10 days. Remove any cosmetics prior to applying Abreva. If you wish, you can apply cosmetics such as lipstick over Abreva (which is a huge plus in my opinion). And always wash your hands with soap and warm water before and after treating your cold sore. Talk to your pharmacist to get the best treatment advice.4 It’s also important to talk to your pharmacist or healthcare professional if a cold sore lasts more than 10 days, or if you’re not sure the sore you see and feel is actually a cold sore.

Next time you have a cold sore, try Abreva® risk free.  If you aren’t completely satisfied with Abreva® for any reason, save your receipt and remaining product, and call 1-877-709-3539 to get your money back.

And now for the giveaway!

To win a $25 Amazon Gift Code: all you have to do is comment below, telling me how you put your best face forward during the holidays!

Super easy, and the winner will be chosen on Monday, January 7, 2013 (um, how did it get here SO fast??) by The winner will have 24 hours to contact me with their information. Thanks, and good luck!


“Disclaimer: I am participating in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Abreva, and received free product and compensation in return for my participation.”
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