Elections bring out the ugly. And hypocrites.


I normally tend to stay away from politics on my blog and Facebook fan page. However, on my personal Facebook page I share quite a bit. I figured that it’s a place where I control the privacy settings and decide whom I friend. I respect other people’s opinions, and actually hold them in higher regard when they share them.

Last night, my eyes were opened to a terrible bias from someone I never expected it from. It came from a woman who is the creator and owner of a large website that promotes female relationships, support and empowerment. I met her in person years ago at a PR event here in Ohio. She was one of the blogger “rock stars” I was in awe of. I followed her blog, subscribed to her newsletter, Rt’d her tweets and supported her Facebook page even though I knew we had very different political views (and continued to do so up until last night). I was young, in my early 20’s and just starting out in the blogosphere. I loved her content and looked up to her. I thought she was a fantastic blogger role-model because she supported women. I mean, the NAME of her blog is the study of friendships between women and even called for us to help each other to make it to the polls- and her tag line is “Women supporting Women” Such a great message.

It’s just too bad she doesn’t live up to it.

Last night, I was on my personal Facebook page following the election. Once it was called that Barack Obama was elected for a second term, I was upset. I had every right to be. He’s not who I voted for, and in my opinion he isn’t the best President. I’m sincerely concerned over the debt that he is creating for future generations. I voiced my opinion with this post:

As you can tell she replied.And again, it was on personal, private Facebook page where I am 100% entitled to my opinion. And she is entitled to hers. Yes, I said she was wrong- but I was in the process of explaining myself. Unfortunately, when commenting Facebook doesn’t let the other person know you’re typing an intelligent response to their comment. Thanks for that, Facebook.

Then she promptly unfriended me before I could defend my opinion and statements. While this normally wouldn’t be an issue (everyone has the right to unfriend me if they have different beliefs) it was shocking coming from her, who is such an advocate for female relationships. She essentially took her cookies and went home.So much for women supporting women. I guess it only works that way if your ideals line up with theirs.

Bottom line, I have a lot of “liberal minded” friends. I welcome their opinions. It’s something I value because I fully support the 1st Amendment. I don’t care who you are and what your views are (unless they are harmful to others) I will treat you with the respect that I would also like to receive. It’s the “Golden Rule”. The freedom to express our opinions is sacred. So many before us have died to protect that basic freedom. We should never take it for granted no matter how much we disagree with another person.

And while I’m not naive enough to believe that  we were good friends, she is a person that I respected, looked up to and considered more than just an acquaintance. But after last night, I sincerely have changed my opiniont her. It’s a shame. She’s a huge blogger who really inspired me for such a long time. It’s so sad that she doesn’t practice what she preaches.I’ll be honest, I cried and lost sleep over it. Not over losing the presidency, but over losing someone I considered to be a great person.

But let me tell you, this morning I see her for the person that she is and that mourning period is over.

I guess elections do bring out the worst in people, and even though Thomas Jefferson had a great outlook on friendships- it just doesn’t apply to some people.

I guess he should have been the one to start a blog about Girlfriends.

“I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause from withdrawing from a friend.” ~Thomas Jefferson


*Edited to add- I did reach out to the person several times before writing this post. I received no response, which is why I published it.


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