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If you’re like me, you’re in panic mode that school is just around the corner! But Kleenex is right there with you to make going back to school easier (and more fun!) with their Shield. Sneeze. Swish. tips! They’ve created a super fun new routine to make sure your kiddo’s hands stay clean no matter where they are! Check it out below:


According to a study by the University of Arizona, the average student’s hand has almost 1,500 more bacterial cells than commonly cleaned door handles and knobs. You can’t avoid a sneeze (especially in allergy valley where we live), so keep those hands clean by arming them with Kleenex Brand tissues with Sneeze Shield, a coating that helps keep the  “gross stuff” in the tissue and off your kiddo’s hands. With four convenient package shapes and sizes, I can feel confident that my child can use the Sneeze Shield. Sneeze. Swish no matter where they go.

So let’s do it!

~Shield your kids with Kleenex Brand Sneeze Shield Tissues!

~Get that sneeze out (and into that tissue)

~Swish that tissue and all its grossness into that waste basket!

M made her own video with my help (performing the Shield. Sneeze. Swish). You can check it out HERE!

You can also “elf yourself” by clicking HERE! It’s a ton of fun!

Now for the giveaway:

Win a $100 AMAZON gift card (US Only)! All you have to do is one, or all of the following. Just be sure to leave separate comments:

  • “Elf yourself” and leave me the link!
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  • Blog about this giveaway for an extra 5 entries.

This giveaway will end on Tuesday, August 14th at 10:00am. Good luck!

*I was provided with the same prize as one of my readers will receive.

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