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If you’re like me, you’re in panic mode that school is just around the corner! But Kleenex is right there with you to make going back to school easier (and more fun!) with their Shield. Sneeze. Swish. tips! They’ve created a super fun new routine to make sure your kiddo’s hands stay clean no matter where they are! Check it out below:


According to a study by the University of Arizona, the average student’s hand has almost 1,500 more bacterial cells than commonly cleaned door handles and knobs. You can’t avoid a sneeze (especially in allergy valley where we live), so keep those hands clean by arming them with Kleenex Brand tissues with Sneeze Shield, a coating that helps keep the  “gross stuff” in the tissue and off your kiddo’s hands. With four convenient package shapes and sizes, I can feel confident that my child can use the Sneeze Shield. Sneeze. Swish no matter where they go.

So let’s do it!

~Shield your kids with Kleenex Brand Sneeze Shield Tissues!

~Get that sneeze out (and into that tissue)

~Swish that tissue and all its grossness into that waste basket!

M made her own video with my help (performing the Shield. Sneeze. Swish). You can check it out HERE!

You can also “elf yourself” by clicking HERE! It’s a ton of fun!

Now for the giveaway:

Win a $100 AMAZON gift card (US Only)! All you have to do is one, or all of the following. Just be sure to leave separate comments:

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This giveaway will end on Tuesday, August 14th at 10:00am. Good luck!

*I was provided with the same prize as one of my readers will receive.


Wordless Wednesday: Love the funnies!

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Pony Royale: Super cute ponies coming to a Toys R Us near you!

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This post is sponsored by Pony Royale. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

My daughter and I were recently asked by Clever Girls Collective to review Pony Royale. There are 12 ponies in all, each having their own unique birthstone, personality and style! M received two ponies to review- Lavender the Alexandrite Pony and Sky the Sapphire Pony:

She was so excited to check them out. Both packages were pretty easy to open, which from a  parent’s perspective is priceless. With two of the Pony Royale ponies, M can make over 60 different styles. Their fashions, tiaras, manes and tails all slide and pop out so each pony can be customized to your child’s liking. Plus, each pony comes with TWO sets of Change-It-Up hair and a brush. My daughter LOVES this because she likes to change everything up. All the time. Each pony comes with a birthstone blaze, so if you’re looking for a truly unique birthday gift for a special little girl, this is it!

You can also check out their great video below. My daughter has watched it about a thousand times already and still isn’t tired of it:

Each Pony Royale pony encourages creative, fashion and nurturing play, while helping with fine motor-development (pinch and slide techniques). They are all made very well, but have the “look” of a very delicate princess pony. I find that my daughter is very careful when playing with her ponies because she “wants to keep them nice”.

Visit the Pony Royale website for more information. Look for Princess Ponies in stores starting late July! Meanwhile, be sure to check out Pony Royale’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter!

My daughter would spend hours there if I would let her. She loves spending time reading and learning about all the different ponies.

I know I’ll be stocking up on a few to keep as birthday presents for my daughter’s friends. Those that have come over to play with them so far have loved them!




Warehouse B, A-list brands at B-list prices! Plus $50 gift card giveaway.

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Recently, I was invited to attend a blogger event at my local Warehouse B store in Cincinnati, Ohio (but it’s not deep into Cinci, it’s like Tri-County Cinci) to learn about Warehouse B and its awesomeness.

We learned about so much!

Like: It’s new. Super new. It’s “parent company” is Best Buy, so you’re going to have the same quality, service and variety you’d expect from such a great brand. In fact, I was blown away by their customer service. The employees really go out of their way to make you happy. Case in point: I bought a Happy Napper (for those of you not in the know, it’s this pillow creature much like a Popple- remember those? with a zipper). Well, this Happy Napper’s nose began to unravel just as I was pulling out of the parking lot as my daughter was playing with it. So I turned around and brought it back in. The manager met us as the door, took my daughter by the hand and got her a new one. She told me to not worry about the return paperwork, that she’d handle it so my daughter could enjoy her toy. It was fantastic. No waiting in lines with a frustrated kiddo.

The employees at Warehouse B really want their customers to be happy. It’s a rarity these days. But it truly is old-fashioned good customer service with modern products and minimal prices! The Happy Napper was only $2.90. Incredible!

But, if you’re headed there right now after reading about my cheap-o Happy Napper, call first or check out their Facebook page. Because today’s deal might not be there tomorrow! Warehouse B’s inventory changes all the time. And once it’s gone- it’s gone. So if you see something you like, buy it. You’ll always get a great price with them, but you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss out on these bongos:



Not that I would know, or anything.

And I’m sure you’re all like: “But, what are BONGOS doing at a place that’s a part of Best Buy?!?!” That’s the cool part of Warehouse B. There’s an INCREDIBLE assortment of everything. You can go buy a TV, mattress, little red wagon, professional grade knives and Barbie hair extensions all in the same place. It doesn’t get better than that! And like I mentioned above, you’re going to get the best price because their employees are on your side. They stay up to date (seriously, they walk around constantly checking prices to make sure they’re giving you the best deal possible). It’s a frugalista’s dream!

So not only do they deliver an awesome variety with super-great prices, their annual club membership is at a great price too! It’s only $19.99 and is a household membership. Have more than two adults living at home? It’s no problem! And it’s totally worth it. My family and I live in Dayton (about 40 minutes north) and we’ve made several trips to Warehouse B. Once we bought this really awesome sprinkler that does all kids of cool stuff (multiple settings) for only $9 and it’s been invited to parties.


We absolutely love heading down on the weekends to check out what’s new. They’re open 6 days a week, with Tuesday as their day to restock. So head down on Wednesday for their brand new stuff, or on the weekends like me to check out what’s left of the best. Either way, you’re getting a great deal!

So on to the giveaway:

You could be the winner of a $50 Warehouse B gift card (which trust me, could buy you A LOT!)! All you have to do is one, or all of the following. Just be sure to put them in separate comments below.

  • Tell me how far you live from Warehouse B! Is it 2 miles? Is it 40 miles? Just head to their site, and check out their address come back and leave me a number!
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I’ll have Random.org pick a winner on Saturday, July 28th at 9:00pm EST. They will have 24 hours to respond before I pick another winner. Thanks for being a Domestic Debacle reader, and good luck!


*Disclosure: I was given a gift card/membership to compensate me for my time at the blogger event. My opinions are my own, and were no way influenced at all. Y’all know how I do it.



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I am so behind.

On everything.

J was in a car accident on July 5th.

It was bad.Thankfully, he was okay.

The car-

not so much.

We still have a rental, and there really hasn’t been word of when we’ll get our car back. It’s a stressful situation. Even though we have great insurance, we’ve been paying more and more of our bills off and weren’t expecting this kind of expense. Hind-sight is 20/20 meaning: have at least your deductible PLUS some in the bank ready to go at all times. We’ve been literally on the phone with our insurance and their lawyer everyday since it happened (For those wondering, J was side-swiped/t-boned but because there were no witnesses the other person wasn’t cited, and we have to have our lawyer/insurance company go to bat for us.)

On top of this, M has been having some severe temper-tantrums. Some of her lashing out might be because of all the changes going on (car accident, among other things). But I’m not exactly an expert at this, so my conclusion could be wrong. One of her tantrums was so bad, that I had to call J home from work to help me deal with her at a friend’s house. I don’t get it. Neither does J. We are both at a loss. We’ve taken everything away from her. Toys, electronics- the works. And nothing seems to get through to her. We’ve even done the dreaded spanking. It got us no where. In fact, she’s convinced that we’re her equals. She’s rude. She’s “whiney”. She’s even hurtful (physical and mental). We’re not this way at all with her, so we have no idea why. Every time (okay, not exactly every, but pretty darn close) we ask her to do something, the answer is NO.

On top of all this, I’ve been experiencing a crisis of faith. Something happened at our church and our daughter’s school that I never in a million years expected (maybe someday soon? I’ll get the courage to post about it), and it really changed my outlook of not only my faith in my faith but faith in others to tell the truth and/or do the right thing.

Bottom line, life has been overwhelming the last couple of months and it’s the reason I haven’t been around here lately. And it’s not that I don’t miss it because I TOTALLY do. My blog can be my sanity (therapeutic) and insanity (deadlines anyone?) all at once.

Then last night I was supposed to be working on catching up on some posts. I ran out to the car to grab something and I tripped and fell into our patio bench making a huge gash in my leg. J had to carry me in, and I was a mess. Needless to say I didn’t get any work done.

So like the title of this post says, I’m Behind. On everything. Posting, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping- the works. If you wouldn’t mind being patient (I’m hoping to get caught up this weekend), I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks 🙂