Monster High- building self-esteem through new online activity!


As a mom to a 6 year-old girl, I know the importance of encouraging her strengths and uniqueness. In our society, being different isn’t celebrated enough. I knew when M was a toddler, she had very different tastes (Not just food- but the girl gravitated to some weird things. Skulls at 2 anyone?) and views. I was/am so worried that society would influence her to go more towards the “norm”, that I make sure that she was encouraged to be, act, feel and think however she wants to. And I am SO glad that Monster High does the exact same thing. I love that their message is truly being different isn’t weird. In fact, with Monster High it’s celebrated (You should really check out their Monster High Create-A-Monster Vampire and Sea Monster Starter Set if you’re really in the mood to get creative-my daughter LOVES it.).

Monster High and WeStopHate introduced a new online activity, inviting girls to take back the mirror and celebrate their imperflections, on the newest iteration of www.FreakyFab13.com.

The interactive online experience encourages girls to resurrect a positive self-reflection by re-writing how they view themselves – from the inside out. Girls are invited to take or upload a photo of themselves to the online mirror. Then, they are given a series of positive, monsterfied sayings that they can apply to their mirror, print out or save to celebrate their imperflections™.

As part of the larger WeStopHate/Monster High partnership – originally announced in May – the brand also announced a pro-social partnership with Wal-Mart.  Walmart joins Monster High® in its efforts to build self-esteem among girls via special displays at more than 1,500 Walmart stores across the country. In addition, Walmart.com will also feature self-esteem building downloadable activities as well as special Monster High® and WeStopHate animated content that highlights the importance of positive self-esteem.

The activity is SO much fun, and when you’re finished you can download it. My daughter and I have done this several times together, and absolutely love it!

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